James and the Black River

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James is 10 years old and is adventurous and daring. But there is one obsticle he cannot feat...The Black River

Submitted: August 26, 2009

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Submitted: August 26, 2009



James and the Black River

James walked through the brush at a slow pace, eying the dusky scenery all around him. Jake and Chris were ahead of him laughing and pushing as they sprinted forward, eager to get to their destination. James’s mind was twirling with all kinds of emotions and thoughts. Tonight was the night he would cross the Black River.

As the three boys exited the forest and came upon the tiny cliff which separated the two half’s of the green jungle they stopped in their tracks and looked down. The river was flowing with tremendous speed, sending splashes of cool mist in the air from the piercing cold water smashing into boulders stuck in the river. The cool mist washed over James like a blanket in the winter time. He shivered, spine tingling and all.

“You ready scaredy cat” Chris said as he tied his shoes.

James didn’t answer but he kept his gaze on the dark colored river.

“Hey James, stop being so worried, it’s not like you could die or anything” said Jake

James looked at him with an odd stare. He wasn’t sure if he should believe that statement or not, it was a wild guess. James jumped as a wave crashed against the jagged rocks below making a splash that hit all the boys. Jake and Chris jumped with joy as they gave each other a high five. But James just couldn’t get the sound of the river out of his head, roaring like a lion with all its might.

Chris nodded his head as he stepped onto the tree trunk that was suspended in the air, making a make-shift bridge to cross both sides. He tiptoed across with no sweat as he jumped up and down telling Jake to head across the water next. Jake crossed the wobbly tree trunk with tremendous agility. Jake’s heart started to thump as he realized he was next.

“Let’s go before it gets too late. Hurry up!” Chris said.

Jake started to take deep breaths as he slowly crept to the edge and looked down to see the whipping black abyss daring him to fall in. Jake closed his eyes…

“It’s all in your head” he said to himself as he put his left foot on the trunk slowly.

The tree trunk started to wobble a little bit to the left. He slowly put his other foot on, and started to creep forward like a burglar would at midnight. One by one he kept going, trying to keep a steady pace. Suddenly the trunk started to wobble more and more until he heard a snap and looked down. The trunk had split horizontally, and the weight of James was making the gash deeper.

James looked up half astonished and half horrified. The other boys gave the same expression back.

“What am I supposed to do!!” he screamed as he felt the trunk get lighter and lighter.

And then the trunk snapped fully and Jake went plummeting into the dark water with no chance to escape.

As he hit the waters skin, he felt all the life get sucked out of him. The ice cold water and the knifed edged rocks made the pain all harder to endure. He twirled violently trying to grasp for the surface to get what little oxygen he could, but it was useless. Every time he would almost make it, the water would suck him back under. The current was to strong for James, and he knew it.

James finally stopped twirling and jerking around, the final oxygen in his body was released as his body went limp and numb. Blackness all around him, his body finally shut down like a machine with no gas. Burnt out and weak he floated to the top.

Jake awoke to the violent shaking of his mother.

“Jake wake up! Time for school” she said as she opened his blinds.

Jake jumped up and rubbed his eyes open. He was lying in his bed with nothing wrong. It was all just a nightmare…he couldn’t help but smile.

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