Meeting Jane

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The Wasteland courier meets one of Mr. House's robots.
This is part of my fan-fiction journal for New Vegas (part 3)
The link to the full story can be found in my profile. The journal is still a work in progress, so keep checking for updates.

Submitted: November 13, 2012

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Submitted: November 13, 2012



Arriving on the penthouse floor, Philip notices the securitron with the female face. "Well hello, sugar. Mr. House is waiting for you in his office." "Who are you?" he wonders. "I'm Jane, one of Mr. House's girls. We keep him... entertained. We don't get mant guests lately; perhaps we can entertain you as well." "Can you tell me about Mr. House?" "Why, sugar, he's the maximum utmost! If it weren't for Mr. House, we wouldn't have this fabulous wonderland of New Vegas, would we?" Jane says. "I didn't realize robots could have such strong feelings about people." "Sugar, I may be a robot on the outside, but on the inside, my neuro-computational matrix is an exact copy of Mr. House's favorite girl." "So you're... a copy of a dead woman? What exactly do you do for Mr. House?" Philip wonders. Mr. House has a lot of needs, sugar. I take care of all of them, and a lady doesn't kiss and tell." "I really don't want to think about that." "Then maybe you shouldn't pry into a lady's particulars, hmm?" Jane says. "Sounds like you're pretty fond of him." "Well, of course I am, silly! Mr. House is just the smartest, most wonderful man there ever was! Why, did you know he single-handedly reclaimed New Vegas from all those nasty tribes that used to live here? Well, he single-handedly sent in his Securitrons to do it, but that counts in my book." "What's with the snowglobe collection?" Philip wonders. "Not many people know this, but Mr. House is one of the world's biggest collectors of antique snowglobes! If you happen to find any out in the Wasteland, you can bring them to me and I'll ad them to his collection! You'll get a reward, of course. In fact, one of Mr. House's favorites went missing when we moved the collection. If you have a look around the Lucky 38, you might even find it!" "I've got a gnowglobe for Mr. House's collection." "You do? Why, that's wonderful! I'll take it and put it with the rest of the collection," Jane says. The courier earn 2000 caps for delivering the Goodsprings snowglobe. "What can you tell me about New Vegas?" he wonders. "Oh, there's lots of things ti tell, I'm sure. There's the Three Families, the casinos, the other attractions -- what would you like to know?" "Tell me about the Three Families." "They're just money, sugar. They might pretend they're sophisticated, but between you and me, they're not far off from tribals. The omertas escpecially are just awful brutes. The Chaimen and the White Glove Society at least pretend to have some culture," Jane says. "Tell me about the casinos." "Well, of course there used to be a lot more of them, but these days there are three open to the public. The Tops, the Ultra-Luxe, and Gomorrah. And the Lucky 38 of course, but we're not open to the public. You're a special case, sugar." "Tell me about the other attractions," Philip says. "Well, let's see: the NCR has an embassy here, but why you'd want to go talk to a bunch of boring old politicians I surely don't know. Oh, and the Vault 21 Hotel and Gift Shop has an adorable collection of old Vault-Tec memorabilia. And I suppose if you like neon signs, you might check out Micheal Angelo's sign shop," Jane says.

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