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to replace the blog i lent to too many a fellow

Submitted: October 14, 2009

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Submitted: October 14, 2009



it is not a constant, i would not say it is a constant. but it tumbles and rumbles and beats my the lining mercilessly. it does its work and leaves me crying. to ask for one thing! to ask for it, and yet not receive. that is a lie. i am greedy and ask fdsakofs ;jidfo jas;f jaa tear. it vexes me so. i have not done this since the mid of the sumsum, o! tubulent and shivering storms of thought and wit and word! why do you escape me, why don't you love me like you used to? abscence has made not the heart grow fonder, nor the phrases come so sweetly, like the bird of a story twittering about the window and singing to you the praises of Our Emotion. but! am i to blame for my self-absorbed complaining? i shall support, i shall enable, but ah, my personality. i confess, confess, i . kurt kurt kurt kurt

kaleb caleb do i luv u do i or i think it is moreso you are the only thing i can occasionally dote upon, but it is a flash of it, like that of a lighthouse thru the foggyfog of mother of Mother, oh sweetest oh love oh i do love you so Creator I am An A

is it perhaps just the will that i should concentrate upon the studies, upon that and this and that it makes me so sad it feels like the constance and constant drain me of my spirit and vitality, the rigid and sharp and merciless bastard that is the system i am beneath and trying so desperately, so rawly to appease and for what reason! it burns within me, it colors my cheeks, a flush! a flush and a flight of birds, the place, the time, these things matterrr, our faces match. i shiver and grow cold in limb and warm in face and heart with my passion for this, yet i waste time.

ahah! i cannot speak of thouuu oh patty o! patrick, i no longer feel that sickness of the spirit thinking of those things you did not do, of those things you promised. ah, love love love i was strong and now i am weak. i was strong then weak then weak then strong then weak then strong and now weak. denial. devotion. humanityyyy.

won't you come outside love, won't you please be mine love! and a foxes nuzzles a doe.

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