To Each Our Own

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic
Ho, ho! I'm not particularly proud of this, but...

Submitted: November 23, 2009

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Submitted: November 23, 2009



Amidst flames and heat

stand the masses of the burned, impaled, mauled

saluting their red-horned Mistress

she who sits relaxed in a seat

throned to the legions of the Damned

Ho, ho! cries our Mistress

Her cackle is rich and toned

and her the embodiment of human beauty

human beauty and preference

Ho, ho! starts our Mistress

A society stands before me

composed of Society and Community

and Communes

Ha, ha! laughs our Mistress

as she scans the crowd of Damned

and sees the Pastors and Rapists

and Mothers and Fathers

Daughters and Sons

Beloved and Vile

Donators and Murderers

But she frowns

and in sync the mass falls silent to heed

Why are you here? asks our Mistress

What have you all done the same? questions our Mistress

"I have seen here the Charitable and Greedy

and the Temperant and Wrathful

the Prudent and the Lustful

and even the Faithful and Forsaken."

"But what is surprising


is the mere sight of you!"

And with that the crowd roared

The Pastors were pitied by the Devil

and the Rapists insulted by Sin Itself!

Ho, ho! roared our Mistress

and her thunder silenced the mass of Damned again

Why within you are the Hedonist and Prudent?

These two broken mirrors have shattered down here

through much different means

yet they suffer the same fate

What makes You the Same? asked our Mistress

"Why, I would know

for I am the invention of your reason

for being Down Here!

I am the punishment you endowed upon yourself

Not the Church's condemnation

or your Town's banishment

but Yours Only

Yours Truly!"

And the Mangled mass swayed as one

and bowed to the Sin they had throned

© Copyright 2020 Wren Isabella. All rights reserved.

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