Fantasy or Sci-fi Challenge

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My first challenge :) thought I'd do it since I have lots of time in the summer.

Submitted: July 03, 2010

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Submitted: July 03, 2010




1) the genre is fantasy or Sci-fi.

2) it can be romance, adventure, or whatever you want.

3) You can do short stories or novels/books but don't do more than a couple chapters (8 chapters)

4) deadline is July 31 and I'll judge within a week ( I hope)

5) you can choose your own charachters and setting. but I'd prefer if they were teenagers

6) no profanity and keep it PG please ( I don't mind hell, damn and minor swears but no f*ck's or anything please)

7) you can write as bright or as gothic as you want and please be creative. I love faeries, vampires, werewolves, etc.

8) I'd like to have only about 20 people. I'll need to know the title but you can enter and tell me the title later as long as it's before July 15. If you enter after July 15, tell me within 1 day or two. Also post a link to it once it's published.

9) 1st- I'll read all your work, comment nicely, like it, give you feedback (if you want), tell my friends, post a link on my facebook page, become a fan.

2nd- I'll read most of your work, comment nicely, like them, give you feedback (if you want),tell my friends and become a fan

3rd- I'll read 1/3 of your work, comment nicely, like them , become a fan.

4th- I'll read two of your choice, comment nicely and become a fan. And like if I like them

10) have fun, obviously/

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