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Basically just my thoughts on a girl I used to want, and things didn't work out. Girls are always the best topic for poems hahaha. Erm, not really any rhyme scheme, I didn't wanna force anything. Things in italics are lines that are often said under bravado. "Older" is underlined 'cause age was a very big factor. Things in bold is what I was actually thinking. Yeah, tell me what you think; What's not so good, what's cliche/cheesy? Anything that was good about it, cool.

Submitted: November 19, 2011

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Submitted: November 19, 2011



Sunglasses to hide the tears

Never let anyone close enough to see 'em

Alcohol to mask the fears

Anything it takes to appear strong to the peers


Brushed off; I'm the lint on her shoulder

Rejected by the subject of my infatuation

Instead of f**king, I just wanted to hold her

MIght have happened, if she wasn't older


Grin and bear it, "didn't want the honey anyway"

Chase sub-par girls, chase the pain away

It's not you that Ill be thinking of

It's not your name that I'll wanna say


Why is it his hand instead of mine? 

Random faces instead of yours? 

Is age really the only barrier?

Do I have some more off putting flaws?


"She's just a good friend to me, nothing more"

Only body I want to explore

"I'm happy for you two, good for you"

Nothing pisses me off more


Why do we put up a brave front?

I even fool myself with this facade

If i pretend enough it becomes reality

Keep the mask on till it becomes my visage


This is my antidote to bravado

Momentary cure from the disease 

Pour out my heart then sign anonmyous

Let's pray this puts my mind at ease

Catharsis, Purgation

No more picking at this scab




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