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Pompeii- the Roman city which was preserved in time under layers of ash...

Submitted: March 09, 2014

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Submitted: March 09, 2014



It wasn't usual

Smoke and cinders and ash isn't at all usual

Titles were forgotten 

Nobility meant nothing 

To those in despair

What did they feel 

On that fateful day

When Mount Vesuvius exploded over the city of Pompeii?


Were children screaming and babies crying?

Or were they by that time peacefully lying?

Forgotten under the ash and dust

Was the city of Pompeii gobbled up by Mount Vesuvius's bloodlust?


Did anyone flee?

Or did they keep their minds and sense and souls over their display of uncertainity?

Did the ground shake?

Did the Forum crumble?

Reduced to nothing but dust and rubble

Did the Pompeiians slander and maim

The majestic awe of Mount Vesuvius's name?



And did they get a chance to say goodbye

To loved ones and friends and pets and themselves?

Did they pray and repent any sins and lies

When they were on the threshhold of losing their lives?

And then the city of Pompeii could no longer be seen

Not by people or animals

Not by Mount Vesuvius itself

The one and only destroyer

Who stood guard by the city with every hour

Who gazed stonily at the city with an expression of ire

Who preserved the city with its mountain gray fire





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