The Unexpected Time Station

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Laila is introduced to a time station by a new friend.

Submitted: November 26, 2013

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Submitted: November 26, 2013



"Four score and seven years ago..." started my teacher, Mr. Lin on the third day of school. Mr. Lin was an elderly man who had been teaching for at least fifteen years.

I sighed. I'd already learned this in my previous school. I even had it memorized at one point! But ever since the "big move" happened, nothing stayed the same. Aaah, beautiful New Jersey- now left behind. Hello to "The Sunshine State"- Florida. They were both wonderful but New Jersey was still my favorite. As my mind drifted into other tangents, I felt something hit my shoulder. It was a crumpled piece of paper. I opened it up cautiously. From what the other students said, I gathered that Mr. Lin had a watchful eye- whenever he was not droning on and on about the Gettysburg address. I scanned over the paper.

Hey, are you the new girl in class? Do you want to sit at my table?

Carrie (the girl who is sitting behind you)

I smiled. Maybe I wasn't going to be a total outcast. I looked behind me. I saw a girl who looked totally engrossed in her work. I could see that she was peering at me through the tufts of brown hair that covered her face, though. I replied back on the same piece of crumpled paper.

Yeah. I'm new. Sure. I'll sit at your table.

I tossed the paper back to her. She caught it in midair. Nice catch, I thought inwardly. She read the paper and nodded to me. I turned forward to see a test paper on my table. The blank side of the paper was facing me.

 " Now," said Mr. Lin, "you shall answer these questions about the Gettysburg Address. I expect wonderful grades from most of you. You may begin." I flipped over the paper.

1. Who wrote the Gettysburg Address?

2. What does the word score mean?

I scoffed. This test was apparently going to be a piece of cake. As I finished up the test, and handed it in, I thought about the Gettysburg Address- when Abraham Lincoln delivered it. It must have sounded like an inspiration. Suddenly, intruding in my passive thoughts, the high pitched lunch bell rang. I waited for Carrie to pack up her books.

As we left the musty room, I introduced myself to Carrie as we manuevered ourselves in the jam-packed hallway.

"Hey. I'm Laila." I cheerfully said.

"Hello, Laila." said Carrie in an eerily soft voice. As she spoke, I noticed that all the noise in the hallway had died down.

Then, a kid in a brown jacket pointed at us and said "Someone's talking to Carrie!" There was an uproar at this statement.

Bewildered, I turned to ask Carrie what was going on, but she was no where in sight. All I could see was a surge of kids pouring in at me. I blinked my eyes.

Suddenly, all of the chaos was gone. I found myself standing in a shady part of a green, lush field. It was quiet and peaceful.

"Where am I?" I asked.

I heard Carrie's voice behind me. "You're in a time station. Only people with a ridiculously high IQ can get in here.You must be very intelligent."

I turned around. Carrie was sitting down on the ground. " A time station takes you to different times. Only three people I know of can get in here - including us. Mr. Lin is very smart. He's actually Abraham Lincoln who came to a different century."

I backed away from Carrie. Had she gone mad? "Abraham Lincoln's dead!" I yelled at her.

"Or so it seems..." she passively said. "Let me show you something."

She moved towards me. I ran in the opposite direction, thoroughly terrified. "Help me!" I cried, as I kept on running. I could hear my blood pounding in my head. But, I soon came to a stop- not because I was tired, but because I realized that I was looking down at a time portal. Carrie was right behind me. She was out of breath.

"Well, this is what I wanted to show you." she stated as she gasped for air. The time portal was right on the ground, looking much like a pond. I could see what was going on inside. People were screaming as giant musket balls shook the ground. George Washington was standing in the thick of it. "That's the Revolutionary War!" I exclaimed.

"Exactly." Carrie confirmed. She was regaining her breath. I looked at her; then in front of me. There were many more time portals. They stretched as far as the eye could see. I ran to the time portal adjacent to the one I had been gawking at before. "The Civil War!" I cried.

"Welcome to the time station!" Carrie said as she gloriously spread her arms wide.



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