The Christmas Pajamas

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This is a short story about a young girl grappling with consequences of pursuing a secret desire during the Christmas season. This is one of the short stories in Christmas Plus, a 5-star review book on

Submitted: November 19, 2011

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Submitted: November 19, 2011




Copyright 2008 by Shirley A. Franklin


"Jasmin Ariel Gonzales, if you don't stop sneaking empanadas, you'll be as plump as a Christmas elf!" Jasmin chuckled and jumped off the stool that her mother had hid from her earlier that day. Jasmin couldn't help it. Her mama's Chicken and Cheese Empanadas stuffed with minced garlic and minced red onion were a delightful treat.


She knew that her mother had tried to hide them in a cookie jar on the upper sheft of the cabinet, then stowed the stool away in a dark closet. But Jasmin was observant and smart. She loved all the delicious sweets of Christmas.


But even more, she loved her Christmas pajamas. A fresh new pair had arrived that morning courtesy of her grandmother in Mexico. This was the best pair she'd ever sent. They were candy apple red splashed with different animals wearing santa suits. She called to thank her grandmother. While on the phone, she had named off each animal and told her grandmother the habitat, or space suitable for survival of that animal. Her grandmother was so proud.


"Time for bath and bed," her mother announced. Jasmin licked her chubby fingers and ran to hug her parents. She even hugged Mr Whiskers, the tabby cat. She wished she could hug America Ferrera's image on television, but she knew she could not.


She took a good soaking bath and felt so relaxed and sleepy that her mom had to help her put on her pajamas. She started naming the animals on the pajamas for her mama. She fell asleep before she got to the celery green shaded turtle.


During the next morning, Jasmin dressed herself for school. She kept her pajama top on and covered it with a turtleneck. "I'm a turtle today," she laughed to herself. She finished dressing quickly.


After eating her cereal, she put on her coat and went outside to catch her bus.


Her friend, Jessica, was there, all bundled up to keep warm. "Did you get your new Christmas pajamas?" she asked.


"I did," Jasmin responded. She started to describe them, and remembered that she was secretly wearing the top. She pulled back one of her sleeves and revealed her forearm. On it were frogs, wearing santa suits. Jasmin awarded Jessica with a couple of "ribbit, ribbits," as she hopped off and on the curb. They soon boarded the bus laughing.


The bus driver greeted them with a warm smile. Jasmin smiled back. She wanted to tell her about the new gift, but Bobby Fentwood was behind her yelling for her to hurry up.


At lunchtime, Jasmin told her friends about the pajamas. She rolled up her turtleneck sleeve and showed them a monkey. Soon they headed out to recess, where Jasmin screeched like a monkey as she swung from the monkey bars. Her friends laughed.


On the next day, Jasmin secretly wore her pajama bottoms underneath her pants. She knew they would help keep her legs warm, like long johns did.


When she got home her mother took her aside. "I think Mr. Whiskers may have hid your pajama bottoms." "I looked for them when I was doing laundry."


Jasmin agreed that Mr. Whiskers was the likely culprit. Later that night, she sneaked into the laundry room and stuffed her pajama bottoms in with a load of clothes that her mother had placed in the washing machine. She shook some powder in and turned the machine on. She was glad to be helpful.


The next day after school, her mother greeted her again. She showed her a fresh batch of clothes, washed and neatly folded in the living room. They were all pink. Jasmin's socks, slips, favorite t-shirts, underwear, even some of her dresses that had partial white designs, everything was pink. Jasmin admitted what she had done.


"Well I guess you'll be wearing pink for a while," her mother announced. "That will probably be punishment enough.”


By Spring, Jasmin was indeed tired of wearing pink. Bobby Fentwood kept calling her "The Pink Panther," and "Pepto Bismol Girl."


A package arrived from Mexico. Jasmin knew it was her new Easter dress from her grandmother.

She opened it and found a lovely pink dress.


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