Diarys of the Acholics Daughter

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My counsler told me this would help sooo here it goes.

Submitted: September 02, 2012

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Submitted: September 02, 2012



It all started about nine monthes ago, I never thought I'd have to remember that date. I wish i didn't have to write this, but I do. I was Outside playing catch with my dad and my brother, Dad suggested that we should hit, so we did, David my brother went first, he hit, and it was my turn, my dad pitched a ball intending to hit me in the stomach, but hit my lip. The pain overcame me and I cried. He pulled out a cigerette, and smoked, this made me feel worse, I hated him smoking, because my Grandfather had died from lung cancer about 3 years ago, and I had held his hand til death, he was sleeping, I never had known that he was dead being 6, but it had scarred me. I ran inside for comfort.

Later after dinner, Mom and dad sat us down on the couch I am laying on now. They told us dad was moving out, and that he had wasted almost all our money on lottery tickets. Mom had always promised that we would always be one family, no divorces, no seperation, so much for that. Dad cried. Something I'd never seen. How could I have wasted our last time as a family like that! It killed me inside. Dad got a new house. Mom and I went at each other like boxers. My life when school started was awful, I was mean to everybody. I was an outcast at home. when things couldn't get any worse it did.Dad started drinking, lying, and tearing my mom apart.Mom started smoking again. I was just depressed. I wanted him to go for help, but he wouldn't. Then things started looking up,

We went on a cruise in December, just Mom, David and I with our grandma. Dad wasn't thrilled that we weren't there on Christmas, so when we got back a week later. he went for help. he went to the xxxxx xxxxxx adiction hospital. We got to visit him every Sunday for three weeks. It was hard because there were no other kids there at all. I felt alone, somewhere in a lost void. Every week I saw him he got better. Ther was hope. After that we became much closer. Dad moved back in. They still have there little tiffs, but what couple doesn't?altYou know what they say, "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger"

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