A Young Entrepreneur

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I am in a process to launch a hand-wearable fashion product soon. It is still in development stages. I am writing a story to show what the product is about. Product code name: GLOUCH
Guess what the product is about.
The story is about a simple boy who turns into an entrepreneur. I am pasting only a part of story for you to guess about the product and tell me WOULD YOU LIKE TO HAVE ONE? I will update story in few days.

Submitted: April 28, 2013

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Submitted: April 28, 2013



“Take it and get lost!” Jacob didn’t know what to say. He hardly gulped and took the check from Steve, the gas station manager.

“I don’t want to see you again. I told you I don’t like lazy workers. Dunno how I bore your face for two weeks.  Go away you piece of …” It was enough for Jacob to leave without any appeal for mercy.

“Would get one, would get one”. With job in his mind, he was talking to himself while leaving the gas station he worked in for mere two weeks. “No prob., atleast you got some money and you shall get a job soon” It was hard to control the tears ready to leave tiring eyes but he was trying to convince himself, for, there was no other option.

“No, no. Actually you WILL get a job VERY soon.” He muttered while rubbing his watery eyes waiting at the bus stop, ready to go home.

Jacob was the only son of his parents. He had an elder sister Masira, who, alongwith Jacob and their mother used to live in a small town of a third world country. Jacob’s father Mr. Wood Telsa was a business man or he always tried to be one. When they all lived together in a small rented house of two beds, five years ago, Mr. Telsa had a small grocery store in the middle of the town which granted them pretty good earnings every month. But then, one day, all of a sudden the family members discovered that the head was planning to move to, as he put in front of them, a land of opportunities. Far, far away from their homeland, he was going to establish the same kind of business with one of his friends already working there. Everything was planned overnight and Mr. Telsa shut down his store and left with his friend in high hopes. The family, however, stayed behind for the mother wanted her children to grow in their own homeland and on top of it they didn’t have enough funds to travel altogether.

Wood Telsa got wonderful opportunities and he, with his friend’s company, made good money. Two years passed by and everything was in their favor when the big box retailers started overtaking the business scene. Small grocery stores were hit the first and so was Mr. Telsa’s. Due to his own dedication and hardwork, Mr. Telsa was able to retain a few loyal customers but the future looked gloomy. In these tough times and loneliness he called upon his family spending a large chunk of his savings.

Shifting to a new country didn’t come easy and the family’s financial sufferings increased. Jacob, now fifteen, tried to help his father in business but soon realized it wasn’t going to work as long as huge chains of utility stores occupied the market. The barrier of language of the country was the hardest for the family to remove for succeeding in their new life. Jacob started searching for jobs but given his age and lack of skills it wasn’t easy to find one.

Hallow, I am Zacob. I am looking for work. Do you have any zob? I can do all things”

Every day, after school, he selected a different area on a map of his area and went on foot to every potential employer to ask for any kind of work. Some appreciated his search, some simply said no with the first mention of word ‘zob’ and some directed him to elsewhere but no one was ready to give any kind of work.

It was another similar evening when he read a job advertisement posted on an electric pole near his school. It asked for gas station workers but what motivated Jacob to go after it was the last line on add: “Students are welcome”

But in two weeks Jacob understood very well that students or any other employee were not welcomed. Steve, the-horrible-manager as coworkers called him on his back, was verbally abusive and literally unbearable by Jacob. He wanted to get out of his hard-earned job as soon as he joined. And just after a fortnight he was granted the not-so-much-sought-after freedom.

“I only sat for one minute during the reecess”. He told his father during lunch who smiled faintly and kept quiet.

“Don’t worry Zacob, at least you don’t have to go to that hell again” Masira said while replenishing his empty plate.  He smiled and nodded at his sister’s comments half-heartedly. “Will get one, don’t worry” he reassured himself.

Morning came and while Jacob was sitting in English-as-a-second-language class, his mind was planning to try his luck in city’s downtown today.

“As we have completed parts of speech yesterday, we will do some exercises today. But before that, let’s have a little quiz.” Mrs. Lynn was almost dancing in the center of the class.

“So, Jacob would you like to explain to class what is Interjection?” Jacob’s heart forgot to beat for a second. Right behind Mrs. Lynn, he could see Sashma making faces to him.

Interzection…” Jacob paused while thinking hard.  “Yeeesssss” Mrs. Lynn stretched her ‘yes’ in an affirmative manner, encouraging Jacob to complete his sentence when, out of no-where, a phone bell rang.

“Oh, excuse me” Mrs. Lynn blushed a little. She went towards her handbag sitting on the teachers’ desk and extracted a pink colored pouch. Out came from the pouch a long smartphone which she took with her out of class.

“Jacob! Interjection” Sashma called him and started making faces again. He laughed as he realized that she was telling him what interjection was. She was repeatedly giving the expressions of surprise, anger and happiness.

Thankz” he smiled at her. She smiled back and Mrs. Lynn entered the class-room again. Now, Jacob had a question but wasn’t confident to ask in class, so he waited for the right time – reecess.

As the bell rang, he headed towards the teacher’s desk and while Mrs. Lynn took out the pink pouch again, he asked, pointing his finger at the pouch: “Why you use that?” For a second the teacher stared him quietly and then said in a soft tone “Oh, I suppose you didn’t like that. I am sorry dear, I’ll be careful next time”

“No, not phone. This” he touched the pouch.

“The pouch? O..OK. It saves my phone and look at the design, how pretty is it? I have others too. You can easily carry them around. You want to purchase one?” Mrs Lynn asked.

Pawooch?” Jacob asked.

“Yes, it is called pouch. P-O-U-C-H” Mrs. Lynn spelled the word.

“I don’t have phone … I like it. Thank you madam.” Jacob said and left for the school playground.

The temperature outside was low and weather was windy. It was the start of spring season but mercury was just a little higher than freezing temperatures. Jacob saw Sashma talking to a friend of hers.

“Hey Jacob!” Sashma called as she saw him.

“Hi. What is going on?” Jacob replied.

“Nothing special. Natalia was asking me where I got these from” Sashma raised her hands which wore white gloves with a myriad of colorful line pattern.

“Wow! These are beautiful” Jacob said.

“Interjection … You are applying interjection in your sentence” Sashma smiled.

“Yes, interzection. But I really like your glofs” Jacob smiled back.

“I like them too” Natalia spoke for the first time. She was wearing black gloves with no pattern. “So Sashma, where did you get them from?” Sashma began to answer but someone’s cell phone started ringing.

“Wait a minute” Natalia said and opened her pouch which was hanging on her shoulder. She had difficulty extracting the phone from the pouch with gloves on so she removed the glove, took out the cell phone and walked a little away.

“Girls like pawoochs” Jacob said.

“Pouch-es…E-S” Sashma corrected him. “Yes, everyone likes them. They keep your phones safe and they are beautiful”.

“But glof and pawooch…not good combination” Jacob said.

“Yes, you are right” Sashma said. “I think break is almost over. Let’s go to class” Sashma looked at her watch.

It was 8 pm when he rang the house bell. Masira opened the door.

“Come brother, I’ll show you something” Masira had a shine in her eyes.

“Let him eat something first” their mother called from kitchen.

Jacob headed towards kitchen. His mother was washing utensils. “What is it?” he asked his mother.

“She completed her shirt and today she sew a pocket over it”

“A shirt? She is excited to show me a pocket? I am tired mom” Jacob was irritated.

“Here” Mrs. Telsa put forward a bread with some fried vegetable. “I know you didn’t find any work as usual. But it is not Masira’s fault. Eat your dinner, drink water and calm down.”

Jacob kept quiet and went to wash his hands. “Look” Masira showed him an orange colored shirt with a round green pocket on right side as he returned.

“Good….I mean, it is beautiful” Jacob said.

“Thank you” Masira winked.

“You know how to use thread and cloths?” Jacob inquired.

“Yes I learnt it from school back home. Don’t you remember?”

“Oh, yes. But you never made anything before” Jacob said.

“You forgot everything Zacob. You are changing since you came here” Masira said.

“No, I am not and don’t tease me now” Jacob said.

“Masira he is tired. Let him do rest” Their mother ordered.

Jacob got up and left for his room. Fifteen minutes later he was completing his homework for Introduction to Business course. His class was assigned to write a summary on a business idea. He was thinking hard but today’s hopeless search for work had reinforced yesterday’s events of him being fired. It was so difficult to concentrate on any school-related work. In the next ten minutes he wrote five lines about setting up a new pizza café near school for students. He then ditched the notebook and stationary in his backpack and changed into his sleeping pajamas.

It took him two hours to sleep. Steve’s harsh words were clear in his mind and they felt harsher now. Even in his dreams he saw horrible scenes of him being whipped to work in the gas station. On the next morning he wasn’t feeling any freshness and felt his head spinning.

Masira, as usual, had prepared their breakfast and Jacob was now feeling guilty for being rude to her before. “I am sorry” he said before letting his ego stop him.

“No brother, I am sorry. You were tired and I must have thought about it” Masira said.

“Your shirt was beautiful. You can sew well. I can bet no one here can make anything like that” Jacob said. Masira giggled which meant she accepted his apology.

The first one was the Business course class today and Jacob now remembered how the teacher Mr. Burton instructed the class to write their summary of which Jacob didn’t follow anything from. Three bus stops before the school’s, Sashma boarded the bus. She sat a few seats in front of Jacob’s and was wearing the same gloves she wore yesterday.

Jacob was now thinking about some last minute additions to his business idea summary which had five marks in the course. While thinking, his vision unintentionally froze on Sashma’s gloves.

“What kind of people would like to use my pizza café?” Jacob was thinking about summary

“Only students? or will others also come?”

“During winter people will just order from home”

“Less people will come to café because it will be cold outside”

“When it is cold, people need to wear warm clothes”

“Like today, everyone is wearing jackets”

“And Sashma is wearing the glofs

“I think Mrs. Lynn saves her phone from freezing by putting it in a pawooch

“But pawooch and glofs are not good together. Difficult to use pawooch with glof on hand.”

“Sashma has a pawooch too. And it is on her glof… WAIT! Sashma has a pawooch on her glof?

Many heads turned towards him. He could see Sashma, now, looking at him with a what-did-you-say look in her eyes. But now the pouch was not on her gloves but in her hands. Jacob probably had said the last sentence aloud.

The bus was now at a standstill on the stop while the students started to drop off, ignoring Jacob. As Jacob was exiting the bus, he had a lighting bulb over his head. He saw Sashma a few yards away looking at him. He rushed forwards but before he could, Sashma said “What were you saying about my gloves in the bus?”

“I have a question for you” Jacob replied.

“I think I asked you before” Sashma said.

“You like your glofs and pawooch?” Jacob asked

“Yes, but…”

“Will you like if you zust could carry both together?”

“Carry both? What do you mean? I already do that” Sashma was surely doubting his mental state.

“No, no… OK, wait. Let’s go to class. I will tell you there”

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