The Late Me

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Just a moment ago everything was fine. But now the streets are silent, no traffic, no one at all. What happened? I am trying to find out the truth... a horrible truth!

Submitted: May 31, 2012

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Submitted: May 31, 2012



5/31/2012. I looked at the date on Windows task bar and then opened the Internet connection dialog box which showed "No Internet Access".

"Damn!" I said. About fifteen minutes ago I started watching an action movie on my laptop while I was sitting on the main desk of a photocopy shop. Before the start of summer vacations I applied to every single student job but hardly secured a volunteer position at a copy and computer services shop. Everyday I used to spent 5 hours of my evening at the shop where I sat alone with my laptop on the main desk and helped customers for printing and making copies and maintained sales record.

After 5 pm almost no one used to come to shop and I either read stories or watched movies. Today was another usual evening for me but my only friend, dear internet, had left me. The movie I was watching proved to be interesting so far. Basic theme of the picture was robotics, my favourite topic.

I was watching two huge robots fighting fiercely when I felt acute pain in my spinal cord. Involuntarily I raised my head up and for a moment everything was dark for me. I closed my eyes and when opened again, the pain was gone.

"Phew" I said. I could see clearly now. Ignoring what had happened, I shifted my attention to the movie. The online player was now buffering. I waited for few minutes but it didn't play. Refreshing the page revealed I had lost the internet connection. I checked cables, everything was fine but there was no connection available.

For the next twenty minutes I rested my head on the chair and then looked at screen again. 2 degree centigrade was shining on weather gadget. 

"Windows got mad" I thought. It was May and weather forecasts at the start of the season told that summer was going to be much hotter. It was 7:30 pm now. I decided to pack up my bag and close office. I was looking for the keys when I looked beyond the enterance glass door . White snow flakes were falling down from heaven. I got up immediately, opened the door and got outside. It was real snowfall and chilly wind was blowing my uncombed hair.

"Whoa!" I exclaimed. There was 1.5 inches snow deposited on the street. I ran towards the main road and saw snow everywhere. And then, just moments after, I realized there was no vehicular traffic, no pedestrian and no shop opened. This was getting scarier. I quickly went back to the main door of the copy shop, locked the door and ran towards the bus stop. 

As i paced on the ice covered sidewalk I tried to find any living being from whom I could ask about the starnge situation. But there was no one. When I passed the barber's shop, I felt someone was watching through window. I turned back and looked at the window. For an instance I was scared to death, a small boy with extremely pale skin was staring me. I dropped the keys. When I lowered down to get them, I was awe-struck by a realization: there were no footprints of mine on snow.

I picked up the keys and looked towards window. There was no one there. As i turned the same boy was standing a foot away from me. This time I couldn't even say anything but my body was shivering with cold or fear. 

"Where is everyone?" the boy asked me.

"I am wondering the same. What happened?" I said.

The boy smiled and then signaled toward my back. When I turned I could see pedestrians walking down the street without noticing us or weather.

"They can't see us. Why should we then?" I could see the harshness in his eyes.

"Who are you? What's happening?" I was almost crying.

"Go back. Go get your bag" the boy ordered. Without a second's delay I ran back to the shop. Again there was no one walking or driving on the road. I was surprised that in this situation I was still alive. I stopped at the glass door of the shop, inserted the key and unlocked the door. With final click in the lock I looked inside before opening the door. Someone was sitting in the front desk. I fearfully entered the shop and went close to the person. My laptop was right in front of him and his head was rested on the chair.

What he was wearing was quite similar to my own attire. As I leaned toward him I saw that it was no one but me. I backed a few steps and looked at the laptop screen, the robots movie was almost finished. Now I remembered, I was dead right at the moment when I felt pain.

Right through the glass door I could see the sunshine, noisy vehicles, walking pedestrians and the pale white boy laughing at me.




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