I'm Glad You Came. Pt1

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Jake is all alone in this world. He's new in town, and only one friend. Even she can't fix everything. Jake hates his new High School, but James is here to save the day. When he comes over, Jake is more than glad he came.

Submitted: March 13, 2012

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Submitted: March 13, 2012



I have had the worst day of my life. Why did we have to move here?!?!? Things were bad enough back home, I was cutting, being called terrible names, and bullied every day of my life since I was 10. I'm 16 now. My only good thing in life is my one and only friend: Melanie. And I guess there was.....James. He's 17, and a great guy. And he's kinda hot......With long brown emo-ish hair, he's not emo, but kinda looks like it. He has a muscular build, kind brown eyes, and a slight stubble.

But, only Melanie ( Mel ) knows I'm gay. It's perhaps my deepest, darkest secret.

I sat in my room, in a dark corner, listening to my parents argue, as usual. Music playing in the background, setting the mood to my sadness. Tears beginning to fill my eyes, but quickly cleared at the sound of a knock at my door.

" Who is it? " I call to the door, as I shut off the music.

" It's me, James, " the person at the door replied.

" Oh...just a second! "

I was making sure my eyes were clear, and the room was quite before I opened the door. And as I was walking towards the door, my hands were shaking. With adrenaline running through my veins, I unsteadily twisted the doorknob. And open the door, and James stood there, wearing a blue long sleeved shirt, that was tight on his muscular chest and abs. Muscles ripping through his shirt, only to be accomponied his tight jeans, and they were tight in all the right places. Hehe.

" Hello James. "

" Hey Jake.....I heard about all the shit that happened at school today, and I just wanted to check on you. To make sure you were OK. "

" Oh, well...I'm fine. Thanks for coming by..."

" OH YEAH, WELL WHY DONT YOU JUST KISS MY ASS! " my mom yelled to my dad down stairs.

James jumped at my moms loud yell. " Jake, is everything OK down there? " James asked with a concerned look on his handsome face.

" Yeah, thats just their way of.......communicating."

My parents argues like that almost every night. It scares me, it was one of the reasons why I used to cut.

" Jake, do they always do this? "

" Yes. "

" Why haven't you said anything? "

" Never came up. "

" Well, you shouldn't have to deal with it. You don't deserv--"

" Just mind your own damn buisness! " I shouted at him.

He looked at me with confusion, and was hurt by my words...Here he was trying to help, and I got mad over it. Yeah. I'm just a total asshole.

" James...I'm sorry, I shouldn't ha--"

" No, you know what? It's OK. You go through too much, and I'm here to end it. Once and for all. "

" How? What do you mean by that? "

" Come on, I'm taking you to my place...Since it's friday, my parents won't care. "

" James....I can't just leave! My parents would freak if I was gone! They'd--"

" Do they even notice your here when they fight? "

" Well no...but--"

" Exactly, now let's go. "

" Alright. "

I didn't even bother to pack up, I just took off with James. We walked out the front door, without being noticed. My parents had no idea I was gone. I felt rebelious, free...and happy. Not happy to be free, but to be with James. He guided me to his truck, and we took off to his place.


As I walked in his front foor, I walked into an empty house. His parents weren't home.

" Well, welcome to Casa De James. "

" And family. "

He let out a laugh.

We walked upstairs to his bedroom, and I was amazed at how large his house was. There was art on the walls, by some very famous painters. He wasn't rich, but sure looked like it. His room was large, candles on a desk, a mirror on the wall, and a glass door, which led to a balcony, overlooking a beautiful pool and garden. It was 9:14pm, so it was dark. The moon lit up the entire backyard, and his room, lit up by candles.

" Uh James, " I said, " did you just light those candles? "

" Yeah, the lights in my room are dead, so I have to use these candles, they don't bother you do they? "

" No, they actually smell great. "

" OK, cool. "

I sat down on his bed, just keeping to myself, thinking " IM IN HIS ROOM, IM IN HIS ROOM, AND ON HIS BED! HELL YES!! "

He sat down next to me, looking into my eyes, saying, " So, how are you ? "

" I'm good.....a little shaky. "

" Why? "

" Oh, n-no reason. Heh. "

He scooted closer to me. I could smell his colonge. He smelt like.....well..lust. Hehe. His thigh was touching mine, He leaned in as if he were about to kiss me. But, in shock, I jumped up and caught my breathe.

" I'm sorry, ' he said, " I didn't mean to--"

" No, it's OK James. "

There was silence.

" James....are you...um..gay? " I asked with embarrassment.

" Yes...does it make you uncomfortable? If so, I'll leave you alone. "

" No! I'm OK with it. Actually.....I'm gay too. "

" Oh...then why'd you jump? "

" I guess I was just.....nervous. Not prepared. "

" So I take it you've never kissed anyone? "

" No, never. "

He gave me a grin, like he was humored by what I said. I let out a sigh, and a laugh. I left the room, checked the clock in the hall, it was about 10:30pm.

As I re-enter James' room, he had took his shirt off.

" Uh, James? "

" Oh sorry, I was just changing shirts, this ones a little tight. "

He slipped on a white v-neck t-shirt, which wasn't too tight, but his muscles still ripped through. His nipples peaked through, I assumed it was because it was chilly in the room. Gosh I wanted to rip off his shirt, and feel his hard muscles......

I walked closer to him, and he stared at me, with....a look of passion, like he wanted to...to.....I don't know how to finish that sentence, hehe.

" Jake...just being here...wih you..it's intoxicating. "

" James, where did THAT come from? You kind of just jumped on that subject. "

" I dont know....I just needed to say it...."

" Oh."

" Jake, I love you, and I'm not afraid to say it. "

" Oh James....I..I.."

I froze, could not think of anything to say, instead I just lifted up his shirt, and he proceeded to remove it entirely. He stared me down with a lusty passion, and he leaned in to kiss me. He pecked my lips with his, they were so soft.

He leaned in to kiss me again, but I stopped him, I placed my hand on his abs, and slowly he drifted towards the bed. I gently pushed him onto it.....I then fell on top of him, he put his hand on my waist, and I kissed him. Our lips met, and he slid his tounge into my mouth. Of coures I did the same, and he tasted so sweet, I could kiss him for hours.

He put his hand up my shirt, and felt my body. He pulled away, and gasped.

" Jake, what did I just feel? It felt like a...scar. On your chest. "

" James, you did feel one, here, take a look. "

I lifted my shirt off my body, and revealed my scars. I had one on my chest, one on the left shoulder, on the back, and my collar.

" Oh my god...Jake, what are all these from?!? "

" Past suicide attempts, you've seen the ones on my wrist, but not these, James, I've had a rough life, I didn't see a way out. "

James was the first person who'd ever seen these scars. Nobody has saw me shirtless in years, not even at a pool.

" Jake...I.....I.....can't believe it. There are so many. "

He touched all of my scars and rubbed them, kiss the ones on my shoulder and chest, my back, he grazed with his finger....and my collar, he placed his hand on it, and left it there, in a warm sensation. He whispered, " Jake, I'll never let you get hurt like this again, you hear me? Never again, I love you. "

" James.....I love you too, with all my heart. "

This made him moan with pleasure, just me saying three words made him hot.

He ignored my scars and explored my body, he kissed me all over. And I moaned with pleasure. In return, I then rubbed him down, I felt down to his waist, making him gasp in the moment.

I pulled down his jeans and saw the rather large buldge coming from his boxers. I kissed his buldge, making him scream in desire.

I kissed his thigh, massaging it with a sexual desire of my own. Pulling down his boxers and putting the head of his cock into my mouth. Once inside, I sucked on it over and over again, making him moan in pleasure. " Jaaaaaake.." he moaned.

I stroked it with my hand as I sucked, he thrusted it, making me swallow his entire huge cock, making me gag. But I enjoyed it.

He pulled his cock out of my mouth, pulling me up to kiss him. His tounge shoved itself down my throat, I loved it. My sexual thrill lead me to kiss his nipples. Making them hard.

He then pulled my pants down, turning me over, " James, I want you to make love to me, right here, and right now..."

" You got it, Babe. "

Babe, I liked that name for some reason, it was cute, hehe.

He lightly kissed my back, and lighlty dragged his hand down my back, giving me chills. And he placed his hand on my thigh, making me moan in excitment. He started to slide his cock in me, it hurt at first, but I still enjoyed it. Slowly, he made every slow thrust a strong, firm one. I moaned at every thrust. But as he made it with me longer, he got stronger.

With every thrust, he did it harder, and harder. Until he said, " Jake, I'm gonna......I'm gonna.."

" Do it James, I want you to unleash your load inside of me! "

He screamed....he moaned with me, unitl he shot off his hot, smooth cum inside of me. It going up inside of me made chills go up my spine.

He took his cock out of me, and laid down next to me, under the sheets. Breathing heavily, he said to me, " That was amazing. "

" I know right? James, I loved feeling you inside of me. It felt....right. "

" Well, I guess we should make this official, you wanna go out sometime? "

" Yes, only on one condition, it has to end up back here, haha. "

He laughed, and said we had a deal! Hehe.

" Ya know James.....a lot of things have gone wrong in my life, but being here with you.......makes up for it all. You make everything right, I love you. "

" I love you too Jake, always. "

We kissed, then began to put our clothes back on. James headed towards his door and said, " Hey, wanna get cleaned up? Shower? "

" Oh yeah! Oh...and James, about you coming over to my place earlier tonight, I'm glad you came. "

" Really? " he asked with a blush.

" I'm glad you came James, I really am. "

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