Test Of My Love Part 2 cont.

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Confusion sets in for Max as he becomes friends with Alex and his family starts to inquire about him. He starts to catch feelings for him but doesn't think they are real.

Submitted: December 02, 2009

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Submitted: December 02, 2009



“Sorry for blowing up on you earlier,” He said, sighing. “It’s just so fucking annoying when you’re new,” 

“Hey, it’s cool,” I replied, smiling. “I’ve been there before,” He nods and pulls out our English textbook.
“Do you think you could help me with the English homework?” He asked.

“Um, sure,” I answered. Suddenly, I feel Emily pull on my arm and I turn to her.
“Did you forget we were hanging tonight?” She asked.

“Baby, he’s new. Let me be a friend,” She looks at me and sighs.
“Fine, Snugglebear,” She replied, rolling her eyes.

She kisses me and walks away. I turn back to Alex. He was snickering away and I start to snicker too.
“What?” I asked, snickering.

“Snugglebear?” He asked, laughing.
“Shut up!” I answered, trying to hold my laughter back.

He was making me laugh which I admired. But, I was getting the feeling he was trying to make me laugh.
“So, my place or yours?” He asked.

“Um, I guess mine,” I answered.
We walked to my house and walked inside. He scanned the living room with his eyes. I guess he was making a mental note of the living room.

“Cool place you got here,” He said, smiling.
Duh. Why wouldn’t it be cool? Three men lived here. It was me, my dad, and my uncle. I’d been living here since I was 11 and my dad moved in after my mom died. My dad called my uncle and he moved in a few days later.

“Thanks,” I replied.
We sat on the couch and began to study. He was sitting so close that his knee was touching mine. Normally, this wouldn’t freak me out but this time it was. His skin was hot like on the inside he was blushing.

“You and Emily seem really cozy,” He said, still staring at his textbook.
“Really? It doesn’t feel that way,” I replied, smiling.

“You don’t like her?” He asked.
“No, I do. It’s just…” I sigh. “Sometimes I feel like we’re together for show,”

“What?” He asked, confused.
“I’m confused myself. What about you? Any girl troubles?” I asked, shoving him with my elbow.

“Not really seeing as how I’m…” He stopped dead in the middle of his sentence. I look at him and he looks at me. His light blonde bangs blocked his eyes.
“You’re what?” I asked, concerned.

He opens his mouth to speak and the front door opens. He turns back to his textbook and I look towards the door. It was my Dad and Uncle Charlie. They walked into the living room and smiled at me.
“Dad? Uncle Charlie?” I said, shocked. “Why are you back so early?”

“There’s a power problem at the station so they called off the rest of the day,” Dad replied. Charlie looks over at Alex then at me.
“Who’s he?” He asked.

“This is Alex. He transferred over from Fall Prep,” I answered.
“Well, Alex would you like to stay for dinner?” Dad asked. I flinched instantly. I felt my heartbeat increase dramatically. 

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