I Am The Unwanted

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Submitted: September 28, 2012

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Submitted: September 28, 2012



I am a halfbreed. Part human, part witch. I am the Unknown. The Unwanted. Nobody wants me, nobody loves me. I am an orphan. Both of my parents passed away in a fight againsts the demons. They were sent to hell for etenity after this war. I cried days after days stuck in my pain, agony, dispair. I am also and only child. I have no brother, i have no sister, and no other family to speak of. I am alone in my own world. I am a monster and im pretty sure there are none others still around like me.

I focused on my surroundings. The sound of the forests trees rustling around me. The sound of the birds communicating seeming so loud in the dim actions of the woods. I feel the earth underneath my hands. The airs mist invisable in the air. The cool wind swirling around me while my pain boils inside me. I feel the ground shake benath my hands, the cracking of the land calling out to me. The ground divided in half right before my eyes. The Pathway to Hell it was called. You fell in that bottomless pit and you never came back out. I breathed in a deep breath of fresh air cleaning the rising heat. The wind currents flew the opposite direction my hair flew.

I opened my eyes and i felt the heat in them knowing they were glowing purple. I focused my vision on a giant tree. Thinking of the life inside it i decide not to destroy the tree. Then the thought of my parents dieing forced the anger out of me. My hands shot out buring the tree. The sweet scent of pine filled my nose and i heard the tree burst into flames. I breathed in the smell before cooling the tree using my source of water from the river below the cliff. The water rose, the power in my finger tips. My eyes open but unseeing i drop my forces. The water still stay risen in mid air. I now see out of my eyes. The unbelieveable thing happening right in front of me. I looked harder through the currents of water flowing. A guy. His eyes glowing purple just like mine. Staring straight at me. Relief flooded through me..i wasnt alone.

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