Forgotten Places

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The shadows live in the forgotten places...

Submitted: July 30, 2014

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Submitted: July 30, 2014



She plopped down on the couch pulling out her tablet to read the new horror anthology book downloaded earlier today. On the front stood a poorly shaped shadow drenched in spotlight from a background light. It gave her shivers but still found a longing to read and explore the pages. After a deep breath and kicking up her feet the young woman selected the digital book and settled in for a few cheap thrills and chuckles.

After three stories goose bumps covered her entire body and she believed sleep would evade her tonight. A sudden movement startled the poor girl and she jumped turning to see her orange tabby on top of the boxes. After spending all day setting up her bed and unpacking the kitchen a few living room boxes could wait.

“Milo, you scared me.” Laughing she extended her hand to brush his soft fur that reminded her of Halloween. His coat came to life as he hissed at her. “What’s wrong boy?” Another menacing sound emitted from his throat as he pounced off of the box as it tumbled to the ground. Milo was a friendly cat and the odd behavior surprised his owner.

“Sarah.” Her name carried over the silent room and made her hair stand up. Whipping around a shadowy presence slipped around the corner towards her bedroom. Blinking several times she believed her tired eyes were playing tricks on her. Standing she went to the kitchen and pulled out leftover Chinese noodles from the night before.

The television roared to life blaring a program. Sarah ran to the room looking for her cat assuming he found the remote but it remained vacant. The black controller now sat on the couch when only a moment before it sat nestled on the TV stand beside the cable box. Grabbing the channel changer she went to press the power button but stopped when something intrigued her.

“Known simply as shadows it is believed they live among us. Often said to reside in corners and forgotten places these beings are not from our world. Though most don’t intend harm on their house mates some can manifest love or hate towards the living beings in the house. I am joined by Jonathon who says he was attacked by one. Tell me, what did you experience?”

Sarah sat on the edge of the arm listening intently.

“Well, I lived in the bungalow for almost a year before selling the place to this fancy realtor. He said he could sell any property. Well, I called and apparently he quit his job because there were no bids.”

“And, what happened when you were living there?” The woman sounded annoyed at the lack of cooperation to answer her question.

“I heard voices and there was always this creepy black thing in the corner of the living room.” His New Jersey accent was almost enough reason to discredit the argument. “You see I think it was threatened by me cause it was not nice let me tell you!” Jonathon chuckled before looking the camera in the eye. “Every night I would grab a beer from the fridge and this thing would be in the corner just chilling but the longer I was there the closer it would get to me. After work one day I grabbed my beer and sat on the couch to watch some TV when I felt a hand on my shoulder. It was creepy man; I lived alone and didn’t have no pets! I thought nah maybe I’m just tired but it was real. Just as I was about to turn around I felt the same hand grab me by the back of my neck and throw me against the wall. I must have blacked out cause by the time I woke up it was pitch black and when I looked up the shadow thing was standing over me. When I finally stood up I booked it and never looked back.” He was shaking his head as if he was reliving it.

“Terrifying. Up next more stories from people who have seen the shadows first hand.” It cut to a commercial for KFC when Sarah finally came out of her revere. She changed the channel to the news and went back to the kitchen for dinner.

Fifteen minutes later Sarah exited the kitchen drying her hands when something near the couch startled her and she dropped the tea towel. A skinny man like creature stood behind the couch as if waiting for her to return. It looked at the frightened woman with its empty eyes as it hunched slightly. The hands were more like bony talons with long fingers and pointed nails. Sarah backed into the wall and screamed when the creature rushed towards her.

Its head was long and narrow protruding to a point behind its body. The feet were long and thin and looked to only have toes. Its lips looked like they were sealed shut.

“Sarah.” Her name crooked from the thing in front of her but its mouth never opened. Its claw was lifted and he tried to touch her.

“W-who are you?” Tears streamed down her face. The few inches between herself and the stranger grew larger as it backed away and pointed to something. Sarah leaned to see the television was back to the previous channel and a picture of her new house filled the screen. She began to cry harder.

“This is the dreadful house all of the people I interviewed have talked about. It is now presently occupied but the current owner is not home; I will return for an interview later today. Join us next week for the interview and, hopefully, a tour.”

Sarah was kneeling on the floor crying hysterically when a knock sounded at the door. She stood up and cautiously approached the wooden door.

“Sarah.” Each time the hairs on her neck got higher and higher. She turned to see the beast cover her in a cloud of smoke. A scream sounded then silence.

On the other side of the door the reporter rapped loudly. Patience was never her strong suit as she tapped her foot and glared at the gold watch on her wrist. She knocked again just as a scream filled the house. She looked to her cameraman thinking it was a prank when a large black shadow covered the window.

“Shit, break it down!” The man thrust the camera into her arms as she fumbled for her phone.

“911, what’s your emergency?” A monotone woman responded.

“Yea hi I’m at 927 Hillcrest. The home owner is hurt badly and we are trying to get inside.”

“Ok, I have notified an officer. They will be there in two minutes.” The operator’s sense of urgency finally kicked in.

A moment later the door was broken down and they entered to find Sarah’s body in a pile near the window. Her skin was white as if she saw a ghost and her eyes were pure black. The body was twisted in ways not even a gymnast could perfect. A cracking sounded emanated behind them and slowly the duo turned to face it.

“Holy shit,” were the last words spoken as the line went dead and the camera fell to the floor.

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