Room 157

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Written as a diary by a girl placed in a mental institution.

Submitted: September 19, 2014

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Submitted: September 19, 2014



Day One

Day one in this wretched place. Stupid Dr. Kim thinks I should keep a journal to help me cope. I’d like to show her where she can shove this stupid black book. My room is small, dark and cold. I keep hearing noises and the dumb nurse said it’s the electric base boards.

I shouldn’t even be here. Just because I had a breakdown doesn’t make me crazy; I’m the smartest person here. These idiots won’t be able to help me. I don’t even need help.


Day Three

I had group therapy today. I didn’t feel like talking but Dr. Kim made me. So I told her that the food sucks, I don’t like it here, the nurses are stupid and to have them stop coming in my room at night. She told me the doors are electronically locked every night and no one can get in unless they have the code.

Again, they make me look stupid and crazy. They’re testing me to see if I will snap again but I’ll prove them all wrong.


Day Five

I stayed up all night to see who has been coming in and, of course, they didn’t come in last night. When I told Dr. Kim she smiled and said, “See? I told you no one can get in. Do you feel safe now?” I wanted to punch the bitch.

I will find a way to prove it to them, one way or another.


Day Ten

I just got out of confinement. I spent the last four days there because “I was a danger to myself and others,” what a bunch of crap! The other night I was sleeping and I heard the noises again. I saw a shadow watching me from the corner and red eyes, I will never forget them.

When I turned on the light the person was gone. I may have gone a little over board by tearing the room apart but I figured there must be a trap door that those bitch nurses are using to mess with me. I must have woken up the doctors cause the next thing I knew my door flew open and a needle was shoved in my ass cheek. I woke up in confinement the next afternoon.

They, literally, confine you to the bed. My arms and legs were wrapped in old leather straps that smelled like 30 year old piss. A nurse came in and fed me my meals. I was told not to bite or I wouldn’t eat; am I two? God these people are pathetic.

I made a friend while I was in there. Her name is Dee. She is usually in the confinement room because she has anger issues and tends to attack the nurses, but I don’t blame her. I want to attack them too sometimes and I haven’t been here that long. God, I hope I get out soon.

Dee told me about the library though. She said if I behave really well soon I will be allowed to go to more parts of the hospital.


Day Fourteen

I’ve been an angel the last few days so I can access the library. I was allowed today after Dr. Kim said I was well enough. It’s too easy to fool these guys. They are too occupied with the actual basket cases to realize I pulled a fast one on them.

The one computer they have looks to be from the First World War. Dee told me if I got to go to the library to use the computer and look up newspaper archives from the 1970’s. Man, it was some juicy stuff!

The dim wits have all their cases logged on the computer system and I was able to hack it after I read a couple articles about the hospital.

In 1973 six girls committed suicide professing their love to Satan and writing some voodoo spell on the wall. They all came to the hospital the same day and made a pact to end their lives to join Satan and fulfill their ultimate destiny. They sound like whack jobs but hey, to each their own.

Back then the rooms didn’t have locks so at night they snuck into one of the girls’ rooms and hung themselves all in a row. Each had a cut on their arm so they could use their blood to write the spell on the wall. There was a picture of the scene; I printed it when the guard wasn’t looking.

I’ve been staring at it for the past hour. It’s creepy and gives me goose bumps but its, also, kind of exciting. I can imagine the adrenaline rush they must have gotten from cutting their arm and hanging the sheets to make a noose.

Sure, sometimes I think about ending it all but I never knew how. It seems poetic in a way. But there is something about the picture that unnerves me at the same time.


Day Fifteen

The shadow was in my room again last night. I’m starting to wonder if those girls really did put some voodoo spell on the place. I mean they were crazy after all and thought they were witches.

Great, now I sound crazy. I need to get back in the library again. I better suck up to Dr. Kim tomorrow. Ugh, I just want to punch her all the time.

Day Sixteen

I went to the library again today and found more information. These people really need to get better security for the computer.

All six girls were admitted for hallucinations and paranoia that led to a mental breakdown too. No wonder I’m so closely monitored; they think I’m going to do the same thing. I never should have said I saw something in my room. How could I be so stupid?!

I need to get out of here before Dr. Kim decides I need electric shock therapy or something. Stupid bars on the windows! There’s no way I’ll get out of here, I can’t exactly walk out the front door. I need to think of something and soon.


Day Nineteen

I went to confinement again. God these people are so stupid, they can’t even see the crap that’s right in front of them!

I was looking at the case for the suicide again and noticed that the girls killed themselves in room 157. Add that up, 13! 13 is the sign for the devil people. And guess who happens to sleep in room 157 now. That’s right folks, me!

I ran to tell Dr. Kim that I was figuring it out and I knew who was in the room with me but she just confined me to the bed again. She thinks I’m totally insane now and won’t let me leave my room unless it’s to eat or get my hour of exercise in the bike room.

I can feel him right now; I’m never alone in the room. The devil is here and he wants my soul, I know it. He can probably feel my anger and torment. I don’t want to give in but it’s so tempting. The emptiness would finally be gone and this vessel would cease to exist. If only I had the courage to do what those girls did.


Day Twenty

Dr. Kim is a crazy, psycho bitch! She knows what’s in the room with me, I know it. I think she wants the devil to take me.

I would bet all the money in the world she put me in here as a gift to him. Tonight when the nurses are watching TV on their break I’m sneaking to the library.



Day Twenty-One

I was right! When those idiots weren’t paying attention I ran up to the third floor and checked the computer. Or course, Dr. Kim’s info is on there and, of course, I could hack it.

She’s related to one of the six girls that killed herself 40 years ago. I’m not crazy! Now I just need to prove it to the other doctor’s. I better wait until morning or they might confine me again since it’s almost 2 in the morning. They’d say there goes the crazy girl again.

Someone is outside the door. I hear a voice. It’s Dr. Kim; she just said its time. The devil is here, he’s breathing on my neck. A chuckle just sounded. This is the end…

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