Friends In My Heart

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We will always be friends in my heart.

Submitted: July 12, 2013

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Submitted: July 12, 2013



It's scary how a friendship for so long,

can be ruined by a boy who just came tagging along.

A boy who lied to tear us apart,

and we both fell for it right from the start.

Both of us didn't see the mask he was wearing,

and the tears he brought us, we were supposed to be sharing.

But instead we blamed each other,

for what he did between one another.

We were blinded by his sweet talk and his smile,

and now our friendship has been torn a part for a while.

I've said my sorries, there's nothing more I can do,

except go on and pretend you were someone I never knew.

This was your choice and not mine,

And I know deep in my heart that the things between us will never be fine.

I guess he got what he wanted from the start,

But just know that I'll keep our memories forever in my heart.

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