Mr. Hollow

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic
Detective Al is hot on the trail of one of the most notorious serial killers in Depravity City.

Submitted: August 11, 2010

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Submitted: August 11, 2010



Mr. Hollowby Matthew Simmons"Hough," I let out a deep sigh. My wrist watch reads twelve o'clock. I feel a slight pinch in my stomach, beeds of sweat drip down my forehead, tonight I plan to kill a mad man.His name is Mr. Hollow, so named becasue of his habbit to empty the body of his victims. I remember the first time I incountered this man's work. It was July eighth and nothing that I could have done would have prepared me for the horror I was about to witness. "Detective Al, drook, something tells me you do not want to proceed. It is no for the faint hearted." Said the tall russian. Officer Victor Shalshashka, a great friend to have, an even worse enemy. The strong man pats my shoulder and looks away. As he walks away I here him speak something in russian. I pay no attention to it and continue on.As i pass the main room of the one bedroom apartment, the smell of death feels the air. A smell that I am all to familiar with. I turn on the dead end hallway and enter the bedroom. I begin to regurgitate uncontrolably. I now understand why Officer Shalshashka warned me. Tears begin to roll down my cheek as I look at a pile of bloody organs infront of me. I can see her intrails, stomach, lungs, kidney, and heart, and on the side, a young ladies most empty carved up body to the side of it. The look of a most extreme pain in her eyes. She must have screamed. She must have fought, and yet when the neighbor phoned the report all that was heard was a loud thud.I snap back to the present, My teeth chatter as I load my gun. My sweat rolls in eyes as I unbuckle my seatbelt. As I step out of my car I begin to breath heavily. "Never again" whisper to myself. "This son of a bitch dies tonight." I kick the front door of the two floor house in. I proceed through the neat and spotless home to the stairs. I hear loud music, metal I believe blareing through the hosue. I tip toe up the stairs and cock my gun one last time. I kick the door in to see the perpitraitor commiting his horrific acts on yet another young lady. I go ballistic. It was as if my movements weren't my own. I shoot the hand that holds the scalpel and watch him bleed. I dash full speed and push him into the wall and begin the beat him viciously. The adreniline makes my hands shake as I lift my gun to his head. He begins to smile, with his teeth bloody, his lip ripped in multiple areas."Why?" I ask as if his answer would sway my decision. "Why'd you do it you son of a bitch?" He laughs at the question."Becasue it was fun." He answered. "Why else? Before I started killing I was empty so why not make those bitches I killed empty."It wasn't the answer I expected, but It was the justification I needed to kill him.

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