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Just a question racing through ma brain. I doubt anyone will read but just in case someone does I am not interested in comments about half assed thoughts about blah blah blah and my terrible spelling and grammar just a want blah blah blah about real thoughts. No emos, no sudo intellectual gobbldy crap.

Submitted: July 24, 2012

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Submitted: July 24, 2012



What the hell do people want to read about? Hundreds and thousands of people call themselves readers, and about half of that call themselves writers, and another portion of that claim to love dark things and that Edger Allan Poe is the best poet of all time and that rap music is garbage (which by the way it is not) and in all those people not one person as of late has just honestly joined one of these sites (writerscafe, booksie, etc. etc.) and honestly asked the reader what the flying f nuggets they want to read. So when you come by this feel free to tell me what you want to read. What kind of story really makes you want to comment. I mean seriously, how many times have you joined one of these sites in your spare time, looked up a word, found a good sounding title and read it only to find out: A) The story was crap. B) The author was a lazy tosser who didn't finish the story (No I am not English or British I just like to call people tossers) or C) The ending spat in the face if the reader. What kind of story do you really want to spend your time reading. Personally I don't like dicking around in my spare time reading about some emo kid sitting on his/her ass screaming about how his/her gay/straight sparkly vampire/werewolf dumped them cause their brother was caoting them in salt hotsauce and a generous helping of rape face at family dinner. So If you want to try a new thing of telling a writer what you want instead of the Marvel comics appraoch of letting Mephisto posses a human body (Joe Queseda) to rape Spiderman's life and then tell the fans "This is what you wanted" then feel free to comment.The only topic I will notwrite about is religion no one wins when you bring holy into fictionit's like having War heads (Star Wars fans for the sci fi allergic) and Trekkies (Star Trek fans due try to keep up) in the same place. I have no interest in the devil or anything in hell nor do i feel the innate need like most ass holes of the internet to bash someoneelse's religion it's played out and it makesyou look like a total tool. So anything other than that and I'll be happy to ablige. (If it is spelled wrond I don't care)So you know dig deep in you hearts and come up with an answer if the strings of fate just so happen to draw you to this post. Oh and also if you post and say what you want don't be a tosser, actually comment. It is very discouraging whenyou spend x amount of hours on these damn story posts and no onerates or comments. I mean i am in no way insecure about my writing skills (If that's what you call spitting on paper now a days.) but it feels good to know you aren't talking to yourself, well writing to yourself. Thanks for however long it may have taken you to read this and have and awesome whenever the hell wherever the hell you are. :-)


This not venting and unnessesary profanity. I am very interrested in your views and junk, but plesae see to the guodelines given unto ye in the description area or whatever its called.

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