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Just a little something, promoting peace love and hope..the story of 4 candles.

4 candles were burning in a room. The ambience was so soft and mellow, that one could even here the candles speak! \"I am Peace...\" Said the first. \" Something that is lost in the world today...terrorism, violence, guns and all sorts of unkindness. I am shunned by all except a few..\" And with a tired sigh, it went off. Said the next, \"I am Knowledge. People claim that they study at great universities and are highly qualified. But, have they brought any change in our system? Have they done great things and invented stuff to make our life easier...I am lost in this world\" And so it went off. The third began to speak, softly. \"I, i am love.\" It started. \"It is very easy to say these simple words, I. Love. You. But does anyone really mean it? If love existed, TRULY in this world, then would animals be treated unkindly? Would any of this be happening..I am not taken seriously here\" And then, Love too went off. Just then, the little child ran into the room. Hope was the only candle left burning. The child exclaimed to hope \"Oh no! I thought ull were supposed to burn forever..what happened..\" She started crying. Hope comforted her. \"Don't cry my child. As long as I am alive, we can relight the other candles!\" The child picked up hope adn relit love, peace and knowledge. 'Togethor, we are stronger than ever! Lets make this dream of a pleasant place called earth, true.\"

So come, lets make peace, love, knowledge and hope flourish in this world.

Submitted: April 06, 2009

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