Faerie Secret; Part 3

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Ariella's adventure continues :)

Submitted: October 21, 2014

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Submitted: October 21, 2014



Part 3

“What is it?” I asked, annoyance filling my voice as Tyrin stepped in to my room for a third time, telling me to hurry up.

“The King is waiting!” he hissed.

“I know, but I am not ready!” I replied. My hair sat atop my head in a bun, and I was reaching around the side of my head to get a pin that was sitting loosely, causing my hair to flop sideways, and not up in the perfect way Marissa had always made it do.

“Gagh!” I cried, and angrily pulled the pin out, along with all the others. My hair hung down in waves flowing over my back, little glittery emblems and flowers braided in.

“This will have to do,” I said as I lifted my skirt, and stepped down from in front of my mirror. 

“Why not just leave it like that all the time?” Tyrin asked, boredly.

“Because the same is boring, you must dare to be different!” I explained.

“Adrielle, you are as unusual and different as it get’s, why try to be more unusual?” he yawned.

I glared at him, and he stood there trying not to laugh, so I said, “Come, we must hurry!”

and quickly left the room, Tyrin following after.

“That’s what I’ve been saying for the past hour now!”

“Yes, well that’s the past,” I said, and hurried to the big silver-gold doors that led to the massive Throne Room of my mother’s Court.

I stopped and waited for Tyrin to come and stand next to me, and I heard our names being called out to the Queen, and the heavy doors opened to reveal a whole family. Mother stood next to an elder man, with kind pale blue eyes, and a round, friendly face. 

Although he was elder, he stood taller than any man in the room, and was talking to my mother in a friendly way. He did not at all look like a King, he seemed... too kind, too casual. 

“Ah, my children have at last arrived,”

I bowed and heard Tyrin say, “I apologize to have kept you waiting.”

When I stood, I noticed that the young man next to King Nino was looking at me strangely. I glared at him until he smiled and looked away. 

A white haired faerie with exaggeratedly large and violet eyes glared at me through invisible lashes. 

“Adrielle, Tyrin, this is Derrick, Prince of the Winter Fey, next in line to the throne, just like you Tyrin,” mother smiled her warm, beautiful smile before nodding at another dark haired faerie, 

“And this is his younger brother Eloy, who is closer to your age, about a year or so” she looked at me before continuing, standing beside the violet eyed faerie, “and this,” she said, “is Princess Oralia, and I believe that you will become very fast friends.” 

“Yes, you two have much in common,” King Nino said, his eyes looking at me with interest.

“And lastly, you have the twins, Princesses Meira and Laeah,” mother finished, gesturing towards two young, dark haired faeries.

I glanced at Oralia one last time, before we took our seats on the big table the fey had placed for us. 

Tyrin sat to my mother’s right, and I on my mother’s left. 

Nino sat at the other end of the table, with the elder prince, Derrick, to his right and the younger one, Eloy I believe to his left. Oralia sat beside Derrick and the twins sat on either side of the table, one next to Eloy, with an empty seat next to Tyrin, and another next to me, glancing my way every five seconds. 

I smiled, because I could tell she was both nervous and curious at once.

“Hello, I whispered under my breath. She sat still as a rock and did not say anything. Then, her head slowly turned and she looked up at me. She looked like her brother Derrick, with black hair and the same bright blue eyes, that seemed to look into your soul, and I could not tell girl was which because they were so alike, but I noticed that the one across from me had greyer eyes, more sad and plain.

“What’s your name?” I asked, smiling down at her. She blushed, and looked down.

“Won’t you tell me? You’re so pretty,” I told her, trying to coax her into saying something.

She smiled and said, very quietly, “My name is Laeah,” and then looked away. I felt someone kick my leg under the table, and the girl across the table, Meira, almost gasped. Her eyes opened wide, and then I saw her move ever so slightly, and Laeah bumped the table with her knee.

Meira was telling Laeah off for talking to me. 

The lunch was served, and everybody began to talk quietly amongst themselves, Oralia with Eloy, most likely about me, as I saw them glance my way every minute or so. Tyrin spoke quietly with mother, and Nino with Derrick, probably talking about politics, and so I was left alone with Meira and Laeah.

“So if you’re Laeah,” I said, pointing at the girl beside me, “then you must be Meira,” I looked at her, waiting for her reaction. She was taller than her sister, and slightly broader. 

She must be the elder of the two, I thought, and then Meira spoke.

“Yes,” she said, her voice was strong and confident, and slightly lower than Laeah’s.

They were both very pretty to be so young, but I could tell that Laeah was more feminine, with softer features and a slimmer waist, whereas Meira, was tall, slightly broader in the shoulders, and stronger too, with rough hands and round cheeks. Laeah would be the prettier of the two as they grew to become young women. Oralia glanced in my direction, pretending to be interested in what Derrick and Eloy were discussing. 

Her pale white hair was put up in a large bun, although I guessed that when it was down it would be cut to around her hips. Her violet eyes flashed, observing everything in the room, including me. Her snowy white skin was as pale as mine, if not lighter, and I swore that if she stood against a white background, wearing a white dress, nobody would notice she was there. Her soft purple dress was lined with violet linen, and the shoulder puffs were a snowy white. Eloy, who sat on Nino’s left, was tall, broad, and quite handsome with dark hair, and bright grey-blue eyes, like his father. 

He was interesting enough, and funny too, from what I could hear of the conversation. The cooked lamb was taken away, though I snuck a quick dip into the sauce that covered it before the lamb was taken away by a redhead faerie named Bliss. 

She quickly came with a second, smaller main course; Rainbow mushrooms, a faerie favorite, and chopped up vegetables, covered in a thin, caramel flavoured honey. We ate and talked amongst ourselves, chitchatting and laughing at our inside jokes. Soon after lunch was done, Mother excused Oralia, Meira and Laeah and I. 

Tyrin stayed along with Eloy and Derrick to talk politics with Nino. Oralia quickly retired to her room, whilst Meira and Laeah wandered around the castle, most probably to the kitchens, hoping to snatch some of the desserts for the Welcoming Feast that was being held that night. 

I was left alone to wander around the village, and soon enough I found a grass covered path, and, curious, I followed it. It led me through a small forest, with small creatures flittering and crawling and running, all hiding as they heard me approach, and reappearing soon after I had gone. When I left the shadowy forest and entered a thicket, I found a small apple tree desolate in the middle of it, and plucked some apples to eat. 

I sat under the shade of the tree, listening to the birds flying around, chirping, calling out to their mates. The creatures of the forest watched behind shadows, noticing my every move. I sat underneath the tree for about an hour, munching on apples, and listening to the calls of the animals, trying to Mimick them. 

A bird chirped behind me, a low, long mating call. I knew the reply, and formed my lips in a round shape, and blowing the air out of my cheeks from my diaphragm, a high-pitched whistle, sweet and simple. A low chuckle came from behind the tree, and I turned around, startled. Derrick stood hiding behind the tree, his goofy grin slightly crooked, his icy blue eyes laughing. 

“You have only been here to about two weeks yet you can Mimick very well,” he smiled, “you are a true royal.”

I said, lifting my chin, “I have spent much of my life outdoors, even in the Human World.”

“Aaahh, a wild one,” he said, looking me in the eye.

I said nothing, and turned away, starting to walk towards the forest. I felt his hand grip my arm tightly, and he stopped me in my tracks. I turned, looking up at him, and only then did I realise how much taller he was than me. 

He looked me toe to head, assessing me, as though he was trying to find my weaknesses. I felt myself stick my chin out, stretching my neck. 

Keep your head held high, no matter how weak your knees, my mother’s voice echoed in my head.

Derrick laughed, that low rumble in his throat made my insides turn.

He frowned down at me, looking at my jaw as though he disapproved of it. His finger’s reached for my chin, cradling it, and he pulled my chin down, so that my eyes were staring directly at his muscular chest. The dark blue shirt he wore showed off his broad shoulders and strong arms.

“Why such a face?” he asked, mocking me, “you have such a beautiful forehead, it’s a shame to hide it sticking up your chin like that,” he said, although his rough, calloused fingers still held my chin firmly in their grip. 

I pushed his hand away, so that we stood face to face, his breath on my cheek, my hand on his wrist. He grinned mischievously. The sky grew darker and darker, swallowing the light, bathing us in darkness. His dark hair camouflaged into the dark trees behind him, and all I could see was his pale skin and icy blue eyes.

“Do I intimidate you,” he said, “Princess?”
I hesitated before saying, “No, I just find you extremely rude, and quite arrogant.”

“Mmm?” he seem curious as to know my reason, “Really? And what is your reasoning for this, Princess?”

“First of all, it is rude to touch a lady that you are not related to, secondly, you invaded my privacy by coming to find me, and thirdly, you come as a guest of the Summer Fey, not a family member, nor a friend, and I do not think my lady mother Her Highness would like for her guest to be running around trying to charm her newly found daughter.”

He chuckled. 

“Very good point, but who said I was trying to charm you?” he turned and walked confidently into the dark of the forest, vanishing in the shadows, and I heard a faint whisper before I too turned and left. 

“And who says you have not already been charmed?”a low chuckle made it’s way to my ears and frustrated, I ran the rest of the way to the castle. 



“Ember!” I shrieked, as we ran around the castle halls. She was holding my necklace that had been made especially for me for the ball that was to be held that very night. 

“Promise you will dance with him?!” she called and ran into my room.

“Alright,” I said, “I promise.” I fell down on my bed as she jumped at me from behind, and with my legs in the air, caused me to accidentally kick her. In the end we were tangled together, and we had to brush our hair three more times to get all the knots out. We fixed our dresses, and Ember helped me place the diamond necklace, that my father had given me the day before, around my neck. He had had it specially made just for that evening, and told me I looked like my mother when I wore it. 

“But,” I said, looked cheekily at Ember, “only if you promise me that you will dance with Cylas,” I thought about that first dance and how he had been admiring her throughout the whole dance. 

“Fine,” she grumbled, although I could tell her cheeks were reddening. 

“At least twice!” I said, and almost lost my breath with laughter. Ember was a quiet, but outgoing person and did not like to admit that she was wrong, especially if she knew all along that the other person was right. She had always liked Cylas, I could tell, just like Cylas had always liked her. She was very friendly, and we quickly became close friends. 

“But then you must dance with Prince Derrick at least three times!” she screeched and fell down on the plump chair next to her. 

“He is quite the handsome man, if you think about it,” she looked at me through the mirror.

I wrinkled my nose at the thought of it, but could not ignore the knot in my stomach. 

“Oh, come on Adrielle, we all know you have feelings for him, I can see it in the way you act towards him, and believe me when I say that he has feelings for you, my dear.”

I laughed and said, “Feelings? For Derrick? You must be crazy! He’s arrogant, rude and extremely overconfident!”



I lived mostly only in the Faerie World, as it was new and exciting, though every so often I would return home and stay there for a few nights. I had just returned from living with my father for two long days, and the frustration and captivity I felt was overwhelming. I walked through the now familiar forest, as though i were following a path, to the opening where the tree’s encircled the little shimmering pool, where the sunlight was blocked out, yet light still reflected into every corner of space, where you could see the bottom that wasn’t there. 

I smiled as I removed my slippers, and stepped lightly into the pool, the water swirling around my feet, the soft, smooth sand tickling between my toes. I stepped further into the pool and the familiar sensation of being sucked into a void, dissipating into nothingness, overwhelmed me. Soon, I was completely underwater, and I saw the clearing in which the portal connected to the Faerie World. 

The tree’s in the background swayed, and a figure stood motionless, waiting. I smiled. Swimming towards the vision, I swam into a bubble, and I was through. I swam towards the surface, hiding from the sight of the figure standing by the water’s edge. I stopped just underneath the water’s surface, waiting. The figure turned, his back towards the water, looking out towards the forest. I flew up, breaking the surface with a tremendous wave. 

He turned around, startled by my sudden appearance, and fell backwards at the same time, splashing into the water. Since I had traveled through the portal, I was very dry, but, as he had only fallen into the water, he was soaked. I laughed and ran up to the solid earth, glad I was back. He got out of the water, soaking and dripping, mumbling about how it was unfair since I had startled him. He stood by the water, drying his tunic, which was unusually darker than the clothes he normally wore.

“Tyrin!” I cried, jumping into his arms, “you have no idea how much I’ve missed you!” I was so glad I kissed him on the cheek. His arms slid around my waist, holding me close.

My arms vibrated around his neck as a low chuckle rumbled in his throat, a chuckle that did not belong to Tyrin.

“I’ve missed you too,” came the low, deep voiced reply as I felt his lips brush my cheek.

“But I’m afraid you’ve mistaken me for someone else,” Derrick said.

I cast down my eyes, because I was too embarrassed to look at him, the defiance I always felt when looking at him was gone, replaced with a tingling sensation that spread from my toes to my chest. 

I felt the silence surround me like a blanket, shutting out all noise.

Derrick cupped my face in his hands, forcing me to look up at him.

“Please don’t look away,” he pleaded, “I do enjoy looking at you.” Then his eyes widened, and his cheeks flushed. 

I laughed, and then there was another silence, but this time, I was looking up at him and he was looking down at me. 

“So, ummm...” he started, “well, I have decided to stay here for a few more weeks, by the invitation of your mother, Her Royal Highness the Queen,” he respected her even when he was not in her presence, “and I was wondering if you would like to show me around?” he looked almost like a child as he stood there asking me a favor.

“Yes?...” I said.

“And I was wondering if you would like to accompany me to a picnic?” he held up the wet basket he had been holding when he fell. My hand flew to my mouth as I tried to contain my laughter. 

“Alright, but first we need to get some dry food!” I told him, and raced off into the forest, following the trail that led to the little village where the Summer Fey lived. Derrick was a fast runner because soon enough he had caught up and was running ahead of me. 

We stopped at the end of the forest to catch our breath, and casually walked the rest of the way to the village. The redhaired Faerie Cylas, walked past me, and I gave him a quick glance before continuing down the path, nodding as other Faerie’s waved and smiled at me. His cheeks flushed, and he walked past without a word. 

I knew very well that he was madly in love with Ember, and that he knew it was I who had convinced her to dance with him that night. Ever since, they had been inseparable, and I almost always found them together when I went looking for her.  

“You are very much liked here, Princess,” Derrick leaned down to whisper in my ear.

“Call me Adrielle,” I replied.

“Very well,” he said.

We walked in silence the rest of the way to the castle, and found our way to the kitchen. The head cook supplied us with a main course as well as two desserts and three different types of fizzy drinks. I was also given a pair of pale green slippers to match my soft green and beige dress, as I had left my other slippers by the portal in the Human World. 

“What does your home look like?” I asked out of curiosity after we had left the castle and village far behind. The green of the forest surrounded us, and for a long time, all we could see was green. The animals were not as afraid of us this time, as we Mimicked their calls and tones, and they seemed to almost like our presence. He went on to talk about the hills and the plains, all covered in snow, not near as colourful as here. 

“Here,” Derrick stopped by a stream that flowed slowly and surely through the forest.

We placed our food on a dry rock, and removed our shoes, and placed our aching feet into the cool water. We sat and talked, nibbling at some of the food, finishing the desserts first, and drinking only one fizzy drink each. 

Derrick recognised one as a very popular one from his own home, and drank that one, although he decided that he had tasted better versions. I drank my favorite drink, a pink colored one that tasted of strawberries and raspberries. As night closed in, Derrick got up and offered to help me up. I looked at his hand, and then got up by myself. 

“Have I offended you?” he asked.

“No, I just do not find it necessary for one to offer help to someone else when that someone can stand up perfectly well on their own,” I explained, and then turned away, walking towards the trodden path, and I felt my lips curve upwards as I heard him chuckle and say, “You are an odd one.”

“We are all a bit odd in our own way, are we not?” I answered, turning around to find myself face to face with him. 

“Mmm,” he mumbled, as his eyes held my gaze for a moment and then wandered down to my lips, “I suppose so.” He straightened himself and looked down at me once more before stepping to the side and walking over the to the path. I felt my heart beating, and it felt as though my stomach was in my throat. I quickly swallowed and started to walk as he asked, “Shall we?”

“Yes, it is getting late,” I said, and started down the path. The darkness engulfed us, making it very difficult to see, but as a Winter Faerie, Derrick was quite used to seeing in the dark or in extreme weathers. 

“Here, take my hand,” Derrick offered his hand to me, and so I took it. 

“Thank you,” I said. 

He stopped, took a deep breath and turned around. 

“Adrielle?” he looked down at me with those wondrous blue eyes, and he closed them for a second, before opening them again and saying, “I know this is absurd and we barely know each other but... I believe...” he opened his mouth to say something, but then closed it again as though he were unsure on what to say, “I believe…” he cleared his throat, “I believe I have fallen in love with you.”

I did not know what to say, so I stood there shocked, confused, scared, excited, overwhelmed. All these emotions washed over me, and I did not know what to say. I knew that I had feelings for him, although I was still unsure what to call them. Was it really love? I had heard many stories about Derrick, and he had broken many hearts before.

“Derrick, if this is some sort of trick-” 

His lips on mine cut off my words, and I felt his hand let go of mine for a second, and I felt as though he would be gone, but then his arms wrapped tightly around me and he lifted me just slightly off the ground, and my head was spinning and I felt as though I were flying, and there he was, kissing me. 

I smiled and his lips left mine, and I felt as though half of me were missing. He held me in his arms, far off the ground, so far he had to tilt his head up to look at me, and his eyes looked into mine with fear, hope, desire and desperation and I knew it was not a trick, not some game he was playing. He loved me. And I loved him. I threw my head back and laughed, and when I looked back at him, the faint hint of a smile was forming on his lips. 

“Kiss me,” I whispered, and wrapped my arms around his neck.

I felt his crooked grin against my mouth as once more his lips pressed against mine, this time more fierce, more confident, more knowing, and I knew, this is where I belong.





“Ember!” I called out, waiting for her usual high pitched response.

“HERE!!” it came, and I turned a corner to find her sitting in Cylas’s lap. She kissed him on the cheek before whispering something in his ear, which made his cheeks go even redder, and he placed her carefully on the bench next to him, and then stood and left.

“Soooo?” she said, “are you going to tell me I was right all along?”

“What are you talking about?” I asked her, trying to feign ignorance.

“Oh come on Adrielle! I knew you always had feelings for Derrick! Half the Kingdom is already talking about a wedding! I was right and you know it!” she smiled gleefully and clapped her hands.

“Oh alright, maybe I did have feelings for Derrick but we both know you would be lying if you said that you had never had feelings for Cylas!” I challenged her.

She mumbled something under her breath, then looked at me and flew at me.

“Oh I’m so happy for you!” she cried, squeezing me until I could barely breath in her tight grip.

“Yes, me too,” I said through clenched teeth.

She let go and started to braid my hair as she mumbled contentedly to herself, “I knew it all along. It was all me. I told her she loved him, but did she listen? No. Does she love him? Of course!”

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