Where was I ?

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Damon is a 19 year old boy, who lived with his mother in Dubai. He lived a very normal life, and was enjoying his last year as a teenager, until he woke up in a room somewhere in the world, and couldn't stop asking himself, where was i ?

Submitted: October 30, 2011

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Submitted: October 30, 2011



Where on earth am I ? Why is it so cold in July ? All these questions were rambling through my brain. I opened my eyes to get an idea of where I was. But opening my eyes made no difference. It was pitch black. I got up to find some source of light, I extended my arms as a mummy would, like the 19 year old idiot I was. But then I thought, am I 19 years old ?

I walked slowly, step by step, with my arms still extended. I tried to figure something out, but all i could come up with, was that this place smelled like blood. Why would I be in a place that smelled like blood ? I kept walking for what felt like miles, until i stumbled on something, i couldn't see what it was, but it was heavy. I ignored that heavy object and continued walking. I tripped on another heavy object, but this one i did not ignore. Why were there heavy objects scattered all over this place ? i checked my pockets for a lighter or something, but all i could find was a candy wrapper. I dared not to move, for i did not want to stumble on another heavy thing, and fall face down. So I just stood there wondering where i could be, trying to dig something out of my brain, but all i found was fear.

Why was there a candy wrapper in my pocket ? i took it out and started examining it. I could tell from it's aroma that it was something fruity. It couldn't have been in there for long since it still had it's aroma. Wait a minute, I remember eating a "fruit by the foot" the day before. So I am 19 years old ! One mystery solved ! That gave me enough courage to find out what those large objects were. So I crawled over to them. They seemed to be the source of the awful bloody smell. Wait a minute, they weren't objects ! They were corpses ! I got up and let out a cry. Why was I surrounded by freshly killed bodies ? I started running around the room like a mad man, until i fell on one of the bodies. It was a female, i could tell from it's long hair. My hand fell on her neck, and i felt a necklace, a very familiar necklace. "mom?" i whispered.

Tears came running down my face. If this corpse was my mother's, then the other one must be.. No, it can't be. I haven't seen my father in 5 years. I slowly crawled towards the other body, and started looking through the pockets in it's jeans. I found something, a lighter ! I lit it, and there he was, my father, I'm finally seeing him, only he's dead. How could he be here ? This killer must've wanted us here as a family. I could hear the beating of my own heart in this unknown destination. i flicked the lighter and looked around this room. There were blood stains all over the walls, and torture instruments hanging from the ceiling. I liked this place better when i couldn't see what was in it.

I saw a reflection of the little spark on some kind of mirror, i ran towards it to see if I really was still my age, and if i myself was tortured like my parents. I looked at the mirror and there I was, the 19 year old boy I know, without a scratch. Why hadn't this person done anything to me ? Did he want to interrogate me then torture me when he's got all the information he wants ? All i knew was that i was terrified.

I kept looking through this room to find some kind of indication to where I was. Then i thought about the cold. It can't be this cold in Dubai at this time of the year. I must be in Europe. That theory was assured when I found some german writings on the wall. Damn I should've taken german in school. So I was somewhere in Germany. What next ?

Other than the beating of my heart, the room was quiet. And there wasn't any source of sound. So I knew for sure that I was alone, until I heard the sound of another heart beating along with mine.

i saw nothing, but heard everything. I heard this person's footsteps getting louder and louder, and i could feel his tingling minty breath meet my cheek. He was looking through my pockets as if looking for something, and took my lighter. I was terrified. I knew that when he lit the lighter, i would meet the man who murdered my family.

He lit the lighter. And there he was, a bearded man, with blue eyes. He grinned at the sight of my terrified face and said "you look too much like yer father." How did this man know my father ? "And I hate yer father, that's why i killed 'im along with yer mum. But you, I thought about killin' ya, but yer too young, dontcha think ?" Does he expect me to be grateful that he didn't kill me ? After he killed the only family i had ? "I also think my parents were too innocent to die." He laughed loudly when i said those words. You could see the fury in my eyes, I felt my blood boiling inside my body. "Ah mate i'm gonna letcha go clueless, don't think about yer parents, soon enough you'll learn the truth, get outta this butcher's shop and enjoy Berlin."

He led me to the door which i was not able to locate with just a lighter. And kicked me out of that room, which seemed to be an old butcher's shop. Berlin was beautiful, I was ashamed of feeling that with my parents dead on the other side of this wall. but it was. This butcher's shop was surrounded by trees, and the sky was so blue, and the sun was shining on my face. I walked and walked for what seemed like miles, until I stumbled on the road, and went on to live my life, alone.

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