Temptation - The Short Story

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A little story that came from my subconcious' deepest desires. Its about a girl named Ari who gives into the temptation of cheating.

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Submitted: June 04, 2013

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Submitted: June 04, 2013



Temptation – The Short Story

I have been trying so hard, so, so hard to stay away. I’ve been trying not to feed this thirst of mine. He’s like wine to me, or maybe even a stronger alcohol.  I tried to push it off because I know I am in love. I’ve been with my lover for a few years now but this guy, this new guy, has this attraction over me. His brown eyes mesmerize me. He turned his head to the right and he looked beautiful. The sun was shining in the right place because I could not help but feel the need to connect my lips with his.

I lay in my bed and all I can think about was how much I wanted him. There was this undying physical attraction for me and I doubt that he felt the same. Thing is, I don’t even want him to feel the same because I’m afraid that we’d actually go through with something. I just want one. But is one too many? Yes? No?

I can’t escape this. I don’t want to escape this. I need this. I want this.

He can forgive me right? I may sin, but I’m only human. And I’ve never been good at suppressing my desires. I’m human. I’m just human. Why isn’t that a valid excuse? Why can’t I be excused with just stating that I’m only human? I have been chained for so many years. Why aren’t I allowed a little bit of promiscuity? I miss those feelings; how it feels to flirt, how it feels to kiss your new boyfriend for the first time, and all of the little things.

But this guy, this guy that I’ve only known for a short period of time, he’s something different. There’s something about that, as I mentioned before, mesmerizes me, and it’s not just his beautiful eyes either. It’s not his soft, brown hair in a Mohawk style. It’s not his tall, slender body or his strong biceps. No, that’s just a physical attraction. Maybe it’s the look in his eye when he glances at me. There’s a look and I think I might give that look back. It’s a look of nonchalance. A look that neither of us knew we were giving each other. It’s a look that paralyzes me every time he looks over in my way; every time we make eye contact.

This is a nasty lust. A disgusting but addicting feeling.

“Hey,” I said. I walk over and sit next to him, being sure to keep a respectable distance between us. “What’s up?”

“Oh hey, Ari,” He said, not bothering to glance in my direction. That’s good right? That helps.

I tapped my foot nervously. I want to say something, but what? I don’t want to sound stupid. “So – um, where’s Max?”

He picked up what looked like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. “I thought you’d be with him, you know, seeing as you’re his girlfriend.”

“Right,” I looked down. I stared at him for a moment and hoped that he would say more, whatever it would be.

He persisted on focusing on his sandwich and this made me feel awkward. “Jude, Am I making you feel awkward?”

He stopped eating and looked at me. “No.”

“Good,” I sighed, feeling a little better. “It’s just, you never really say anything to me.”

Jude looked at the door as if he was expecting someone to walk through it. “It’s not that.” He took a deep breath. “Can I be honest? And please don’t be mad.”

“Yeah, of course,” I smiled comfortingly.

“I try not to think about you,” He started. “Max is a good friend of mine but,” He paused. “Whenever you look at me, there’s something that washes over me. You’re beautiful, you know that? So please excuse me if it seems like I ignore you. I’m just…”

“Trying to ignore the urge.”  I finished his sentence. He looked at me and I could tell he felt ashamed of his feelings.

“It’s bad,” He said. “I know I’m sorry.”

I looked at him and laughed an incredulous laugh. “Don’t be. I feel it too.” I moved closer to him, our thighs touching on the side.

“It’s your eyes,” I admitted. “They’re stunning. And they paralyze me.”

We stared at each other for a moment. No one was here. Not Max and not Jude’s brother. We were free to do whatever we wanted, but only for a moment. No one would know. Only we would. “Kiss me,” I whispered.

His eyes fell to my lips and he nodded his head. Our faces were inches from each other and it felt like a movie moment. I had forgotten how much I missed this feeling. My heart was beating so fast; it felt exhilarating.

He pressed a hand to my cheek and gently stroked his thumb across it. The anticipation was killing me but I knew it’d be worth it. He leaned closer to me, approaching my lips slowly. His lips gently grazed mine before he pulled back, knowing I wanted more. I didn’t move. His mouth was finally on mine and I could feel myself begin to melt. My heartbeat was faster, it almost hurt, but I knew it was from the excitement I felt.

Jude pulled me closer, his tongue slipping into my mouth and the passion between us rising. I wrapped my arms around his neck and straddled his lap. This feeling was so old and so lost but somehow it felt so new. It felt so good and I wanted to stay here forever. I felt overwhelmed as our lips pulled away from each other’s and as he placed a quick kiss lightly on the side of my neck. I took a deep breath, trying to calm myself down.

I looked at Jude, hardly believing that I let myself give in to the temptation. Neither of us needed to say anything; we both felt the same thing. The kiss was so powerful, so breathtaking. We wanted more but that’s where I had to draw the line. I couldn’t hurt Max any more than I already have. I wasn’t supposed to give in to my temptation but its call was so strong. I gave in to temptation. And with Jude, I would do it all over again.

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