3-D Globe Puzzle

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A very frustrating puzzle I bought, that I still can't put together, that led me to consider even deeper meanings behind life's frustration and to this heavily image oriented piece of poetry.

Submitted: December 20, 2009

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Submitted: December 20, 2009



The entire world, a globe,
in the shape of a sphere
in the form of a 3-D puzzle,
a physical map of the earth as seen from above,
9 inches in diameter when completed.
You have to fit the pieces together,
from the inside out,
and make a round surface appear from
a starting point where everything
is made to be flat—
like making the ends meet day to day.
It has to be turned the other way,
no sharp edges; no corners to be cut,
but this can’t be seen to be followed
and made to fit together,
and the joints become ragged
and rough edges pop up everywhere
with all of the ends, none of the pieces,
fitting together.
The whole thing is mounted for display,
on a precarious cardboard stand, with the joints
where it meets jutting out haphazardly, and
turned all inside out. All this for
$9.97—that all it’s worth.

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