A simple goodbye.

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Just a satisfaction of the poet in me.

Submitted: October 29, 2010

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Submitted: October 29, 2010




When you left in the morning
Why didn’t you say that you won't be coming?
When I told you to buy me a gift
Why didn’t you say there you won't get?

You just walked away
And I wished you a good day
Then you disappeared away

I hate to remember the rest
For my heart has never known a rest
In my life you were the best
But away you went in haste

I wish to smile
But I remember the mile
I wish for laughter
But my teeth clutter

The memories are old
The times too cold
If you were aboard
My hand you would hold
But forever you are gone
As if you never were known
But tomorrow a flower I will buy
And where you lie pass-by
To wish you just a simple bye.
My love, goodbye.


In the land where my umbilical cord was buried
In the land where my mother was married
There; my dreams were buried
For in that land
My dreams were killed
By men, pot bellied

Now I am far away from home
Looking for a gem but I get a tomb
That always reminds me of my dreams back home.

A sound of a gun I loathe
And I wont bring myself forth
When I remember the aftermath

Closely on the ground
I lie as hearts pound
But still the memories of home haunt
Yet will never a place like home find
Its yet another moment
For another dream to torment


The rain and thunder outside
Remind me of her; I beside
When she wanted me outside

I have always hated thunders
For they are her laughters

I have always hated it fall
For its her tears that fall
For on that day when she said in a hurry
And I could see her merry
Nothing in this world to worry
She came to say bye
Before she could fly high
I even do not know how to say
But I will try anyway
She is gone away
Far far away.


Just yesterday-
You said to me
That you were fine
And you helped me dream
About many things that I loved

How should I feel
When everything you kill
With every moment Of your absence?
For today Where the beautiful flowers grew
Grows the red soil And within the earth
You are planted Hoping that one day
You will grow into green grass
That you will grow into a beautiful flower
And lick the red soil The blood in my heart- A wounded heart

Nothing is left
But the memory of you
I cherish every moment
You created in my life
And every laughter we shared
Now has a new meaning.
That life has two sides
For sure I have learnt
Sweet and bitter
Hello and goodbye
I wonder why

I said hello to you
A long time ago
Now I guess
I got to let you go
And allow you
A peaceful sleep
As I say


Like grotesque shadows
These memories are black
The shadows of the times back
The moments we shared back

You were tender
My love
Just everything about you
Is what I called tender
Your smile;
That of a baby-
Your eyes
A blue sheet of love
That could rupture
If not tenderly approached.
Your voice
The melody of our times.
And your flesh, love
I never had enough

How was I to know
That you were not real
But plastic
That you were not tender
But core?
I should
I think I was just stupid
Or maybe drunk by your smell
For the first day I knew you
My heart you stole
But this I swear
I didn’t know you capable
To throw it to the rocks
Now its in pieces.
You are tender no more
If you ever were
And everything you were
I break them to pieces
Even these memories of you
I’ll try,
Though stubborn they are.

© Copyright 2018 bernard ogalo oduor. All rights reserved.

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