The Adventures of Caleb & Annabelle

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic
The Adventures of Caleb and Annabelle is a story I wrote for my nephew and for my niece. It is based on the stories me and others have told them. I wrote it in February/March of 2007. It took me only three or four days to write it. The story is wrote in script form. This is also my first submitted writing. The story starts out as Caleb and Annabelle is walking down the road to there best friend Biily Bob Boe's house. What comes next is very funny and full of adventure and action. I hope you enjoy it!

Submitted: November 06, 2007

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Submitted: November 06, 2007



The Adventures of Caleb and Annabelle


Written by: Writteroffantasy2007


(We see Caleb and Annabelle walking down the road to Billy Bob Boe's house.)

Caleb: "What a pretty day! Do you agree Annabelle?"

Annabelle: "Yes. It is surely a very pretty day. The birds are chirping. The sky is blue as the ocean. The rays of the sun is warm on my shoulders. The summer air smells great. We have not a care in the world and we're on our way to our best friend, Billy Bob Boe, house. This day can not get anymore perfect than it is now."

Caleb: "Yeah, you're right. Speaking of Billy Bob Boe, why did he want us to come over to his house today?"

Annabelle: "Well he said something about a surprise he was going to show us."

Caleb: "Neat! A surprise! I wonder what it is?"

(As Caleb got through saying this, he and Annabelle got through walking up the hill to Billy Bob Boe's house. The sight before them got them really excited. Because what they saw was two motorcycle ramps a few hundred feet from each other. The ramps was on opposite sides of each other. The long high ends of the ramps was facing each other. Below one of the ramps was four motorcycles. On one of the motorcyles was Billy Bob Boe. He seemed to be concentrating on something.)

(Annabelle begins to yell at Billy Bob Boe but Caleb stops her. Annabelle turns to Caleb to see what's up.)

Annabelle: "What is it Caleb?"

(Caleb has a big sly smile on his face.)

Caleb: (Smiling.) "I have an idea. Instead of just going down and saying hi to Billy Bob Boe in regular fashion, let's go down and scare him really good."

(Annabelle also begins to smile.)

Annabelle: "How do you think we should do it?"

(Caleb's sly smile begins to spread ear to ear. Caleb points to some bushes behind Billy Bob Boe.)

Caleb: (Smiling.) "While Billy Bob Boe is not looking we can run down to that bush and when the time is right we can sneak behind Billy Bob Boe and scare him."

(Annabelle starts laughing.)

Annabelle: (Laughing.) "Hee, Hee, Hee. That's sounds like good idea Caleb. Let do it!"

(Caleb and Annabelle gives each other a high five. They run down the hill and get behind the bush. A few minutes later Billy Bob Boe gets off his motorcyle and gets outs his tools and starts working on his motorcyle. His back is to the bush that Caleb and Annabelle is behind.)

(Annabelle starts laughing sofly.)


Annabelle: (Laughing softly.) "This is going to be so good. I can hardly wait.

Hee! Hee! Hee!"

(Caleb looks over to Annabelle.)

Caleb: "Are you ready Annabelle?"

Annabelle: (Excited.) "Ready!"

Caleb: "On the count of three we'll run out and scare him."

(Caleb looks at

Caleb: "1. 2."

(Before Caleb says three Annabelle starts to scream. Caleb looks behind him and see's a creature with a evil jack-o-lantern face. Caleb starts screaming. He and Annabelle starts running from the creature. Then they hear a familiar sounding laugh. They look behind them and see Billy Bob Boe's big sister, Sara. She had tooken off the scary face, which was actually a Halloween Mask. Sara was laughing so hard that her face had turned red and tears was streaming down her cheeks.)

Sara: (Laughing.) "Oh my goodness! I got you guys so good!"

Annabelle: "That was just mean! You know that Sara!"

Sara: (Laughing.) "Yeah! I know it's mean. But it's so funny!"

(At this point Sara couldn't contain herself. She fell down on the ground in uncontrolable laughter.)

(Caleb just stood there shaking his head. Then suddenly something hit Caleb in the back and he fell down. It was Billy Bob Boe. Billy Bob Boe quickly got Caleb in a head-lock.)

Billy Bob Boe: "Hya Caleb! How ya doing?"

Caleb: "I'm doing fine Billy Bob Boe. Uh, Billy Bob Boe?"

Billy Bob Boe: "Yeah."

Caleb: "Can you do me a favor?"

Billy Bob Boe: "Sure. What is it?"

Caleb: (Yelling.) "LET ME GO!!!"

Billy Bob Boe: "Sorry Caleb. I can't do that."

Caleb: (Yelling.) "WHY NOT?!"

Billy Bob Boe: "You know what you need to do to get me to let go."

Caleb: "No, no, no, a thousands times NO! I won't do it!"

(Billy Bob Boe tightens the headlock.)

Billy Bob Boe: "The more you resist the more I will tighten. So it would be to your best interest to do it."

Caleb: (Agravated.) "OK! OK! I'll do it! I'll do it!""

(Caleb lets out a long sigh.)

Caleb: (Really Agravated.) "Caleb drools, Billy Bob Boe rules! There! Are you happy now!?"

Billy Bob Boe: "Yeah. I'm very happy. Happy that you came over!"

(Billy Bob Boe let's go of Caleb and they give each other a big bear hug.)

Billy Bob Boe: "Where have you been Caleb, Old Buddy, Old Pal? Its seems like forever since the last time we've seen each other!"

Caleb: "I know. It's seems like forever to me too. How's everybody been doing in these parts?"

Billy Bob Boe: "Very, very good. Oh, Guess what Sara is doing now?"

Caleb: "What?"

Billy Bob Boe: "She's a certified chiropractor now!"

Annabelle: "Really!?"

Sara: "Yeah. I got certified a few days ago."

Annabelle: "Awesome!"

Caleb: "Well that's just alright! Good for you Sara!"

(Caleb gives Sara a big thumbs up.)

Annabelle: "I can't wait any longer! What's the surprise you wanted to show us Billy Bob Boe?"

Caleb: "Yeah! What the big surprise?"

Billy Bob Bo: "I'm glad you asked. You see those two ramps there?"

Annabelle: "Yeah. What are they for?"

Billy Bob Bo: "Well, I'm going jump from one to the other. But it's going to be at a really long distance."

Caleb: "That's just neat. But what makes this jump so special?"

Sara: "Well it's never been tried at this distance before."

Billy Bob Bo: "That's why I wanted you guys to come over. I have never tried to jump this distance before. So this is a very special jump for me."

Annabelle: "Well thanks for inviting us to watch."

Billy Bob Bo: "Your welcome. I am going to try do it right now."

(Billy Bob Bo gets something out of his pocket.)

Billy Bob Bo: "Here is this digital video camcorder."

(Billy Bob Bo gives the digital video camcorder to Annabelle.)

Billy Bob Boe: "Annabelle, I want you to record it for me."

(A few minutes later Billy Bob Bo is on his motorcycle ready to do the jump.)

Billy Bob Bo: "Annabelle start recording now."

(Annabelle pushes the record button and starts recording.)

(Billy Bob Boe starts the motorcyle and revs it a few times. Then he starts going up the first ramp. But something bad happens. Billy Bob Bo's motorcyle tire snags on a piece of the ramp and wrecks. Billy Bob Bo falls off the ramp and hits the ground. The motorcyle falls on top of him.)

Billy Bob Bo: (Yelling.) "OWCH!!! Somebody get this thing off of me! PLEASE!!"

(Caleb, Annabelle, and Sara go over to Billy Bob Boe and gets the motorcycle off of him. Billy Bob Bo gets up.)

Billy Bob Bo: "Owch! I think I hurt my back!"

Sara: "I'll bring you in and give you an adjustment."

(Sara and Billy Bob Bo goes inside the house.)

Annabelle: (Worried.) "I hope Billy Bob Bo is alright."

Caleb: "I know he's alright. I've seen him take worst spills than that and emerge from them alright."

Annabelle: "Your right Caleb. Billy Bob Bo is going to be alright."

(Caleb goes over and picks up Billy Bob Bo's motorcyle.)

Annabelle: "That's a pretty motorcyle."

Caleb: "I know. It's very pretty."

Annabelle: "I have a great idea. Get on the motorcyle and pretend to ride it. I'll record it on the camcorder."

Caleb: "Ok."

(Caleb gets on the motorcyle and pretends to ride it. He pretends to rev up the engine and accidently hits the accelerator and the motorcyle starts rocketing up the ramp.)

Annabelle: "OH NO!!! CALEB!!!"

(Annabelle runs into the house and runs to where Sara and Billy Bob Bo is.)

Annabelle: "Billy Bob Bo! I need your help Caleb is on the motorcyle and is going up the ramp!"

Sara: "OH NO!!!"

Billy Bob Bo: "You have got to be kidding!"

(Annabelle, Sara, and Billy Bob Bo runs outside. They see Caleb was still going up the ramp.)

Billy Bob Bo: (Screaming.) "CALEB!!! HIT THE BREAK!!!"

(It was too late. Caleb had already gone off the ramp and and onto the next one.)

Annabelle: "OH MY GOODNESS!!!"


(Caleb managed to hit the break and stop the motorcyle at this point.)

(Annabelle, Sara, and Billy Bob Bo rushed over to Caleb.)

Annabelle: "Are you alright Caleb?"

Caleb: "Yeah. I'm alright."

Billy Bob Boe: "Caleb! Do you know what you just did?"

Caleb: "No. What did I do?"

Billy Bob Bo: "You did something that the greatist motorcyle riders have never done."

Caleb: "What do you mean?"

Billy Bob Bo: "That jump you just did. No other motorcycle rider has ever done it before. That jump is the most difficult jump in the world and you jumped perfectly and finished it without a scratch."

Caleb: "Really?!"

Sara: "Yeah! Really!"

Caleb: "I had no idea that I did such a thing."

Billy Bob Bo: "You are one tough dude, Caleb. A very tough dude."

(Billy Bob Bo gives Caleb a big thumbs up.)

Caleb: "Thanks for the complement Billy Bob Bo! I'm sorry about starting your motorcycle."

Billy Bob Bo: "That's alright. I have one more surprise for you and Annabelle."

Annabelle: "What is it?"

Billy Bob Bo: "Look in the back yard."

(Caleb and Annabelle goes to the back yard. There before them was a HUGE motorcross track.)

Billy Bob Bo: "We're going to ride on the track today."

Annabelle: (Excited.) "Awesome!"

Caleb: (Excited.) "Let do it!"

(Caleb, Annabelle, Sara, and Billy Bob Bo gets on the four motorcyles and rides on into the sunset!)


© Copyright 2020 Writeroffantasy2007. All rights reserved.

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