dying too live

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dying too live talks about bullying we have to change the way we view bullying.kids will be kids but bullying kills.stop bullying or lose our future

Submitted: October 15, 2011

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Submitted: October 15, 2011




Bumps and bruises hidden behind long sleeves and sunglasses

Three: oo pm time to go home dreading the long walk home

Chased kicked and punched thinking about ending it all hiding in bathrooms and corridors

Teacher turning heads look off in to empty spaces

Picked on and picked at tired of living sad to go.

Blood and yesterdays tears parents asking questions telling lies

Made up stories

Told spearing them from broken hearts

Feeling like it is my fault.

Me ageist the world dried tears tired of running

Evil thoughts make for evil minds .broken bones serving bullies

Frustration and disappearance faceless

Wounds wide open tired of the pain

Misplaced identify dreading tomorrow

My tormenters stalking pray feeling like an endangered species

Future dying no peace no Justice Kicks and punches broken nose Blood running teachers turning away looking off in to empty space.

Invisible to the world a slave to bully’s

This old heart needs a hand to get through this bulling thing. Running out of time

Need a friend scared of dying no way out.

Life ending kids dying hanging on to kids will be kids

Dying to sleep tired of living bully's will be bully's killing dreams.

Futures missing

Gone too soon

Bullying giving birth viruses spreading worldwide claiming lives death total rising

Families crying and caskets buying missing plates and placemats at the kitchen tables destroying dreams sons and daughters

Untold stories bullying killing our children voices heard fix the problem and save the next kid, it is too late for me

So many others out here just like me

Crying out invisible to the naked eye I died l last night, bullying killed me

Open your eyes and see what I see

The outcome of bullying comes in to play

Stop the bullying or lose our future

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