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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

Footsteps in the dark is a story about young woman who worked the grave yard shift .missing her bus she would find herself face to face with the supernatural


Footsteps in thedarkis a story abouta young womanwalking home afterworking the grave yard shiftat the gray’s cafe Fay Elizabethsmith hadbeen working for the graysat lease twenty years or moreafter missing her bus Elizabethdecided to walk the three blocks home

However, Elizabeth would come face to face with the supernatural that would stalk her on the journey home

Elizabeth would have to fight the fight of her life



It happens on a late night on a straightof highway in the town of union springs Alabama

After working the graveyard, shiftAT THE GRAY’S CAFE FAYmissing the bus the journey home

Would prove to be the scariest walk ever

Just wanted to get home run a warm bath and relax. Home was only three blocks from the job

Thought it would be a good work out. Not even a half block from the cafe Fay

When out the corner of my eye notice a young man standing off in some bushes something just did not seemrightthe young man seem to be dressed in some type ofgarment I had never see before with war paint or somethinghowever the strangepart about it was the young man did not have a face

What is wrong with this pitcher? Talking within

Never stop walking too afraid to look back heart beating ah mild a minute

At that, moment got this feeling in the pit of the soul unsure of what we should do or whathad been seenmay be my eyes were playing tricks the night was black as the devils soulthe streetlights were like a match in a cave there were no security on this side of town

Where are all the cops at tonight not just cops there were no cars passing by?

A crazy feeling all over pure fear running through my body

Like a river running through a dam, this had to be the scariest night.

I wanted to face whatever it was stalking the town of union springs Alabamafootsteps in the dark Wanted tospeak out neededanswersanexplanation as to whom or where it came from

It is now or never

There’s a dead end coming up ahead soon if you were to get trapped

Nowhere to run had to make a decisionlike now

Gathering up enough straight to make that move

Shaking like a leaf on a tree stopping in mid tracks quickly turning around there was nobody there this is where the story gets scary

What in GODS name going on here I dent want to think it but did I just see a ghost moving forward frighten and confused speed walking no one is going to believe this story getting closer to the dead end

Taking a deep breath remembering the encounter with the faceless young man

This is unbelievable what is happening here trying to make scents of everything going on

Right at that moment I heard a weak voice call out to me Elizabeth keep walking don’t stop don’t looking backthe

Footsteps made the hair stand up on the back of the neck spite what the body wanted to do the heart said run, as you never ran before get the hell away from here

Glancing to the left, a flash of gray passed across the road-felt cold in the middle of a hot Alabama summer it was so hot satin had a fan

And a cold glass of water

Seems as if the dead end were fading in to the night giving birth to a unknown world

Dissident space beyondreality

Blood rained down like hail before a tornado the air reeked of decaying bodies

Cries and screams horrible sounds coming out of nowhere

Do not think the old heart can take much more of this thinking aloud

Glancing to the left a burst of white light blinding to the necked eye

Something ghostly about these strange events

At this time, just wanted to home get a warm bath and sleep it was as if stepping in to the twilight zone

Cries and screams horrible sounds coming out of nowhere I don’t think my heart can take much more of this thinking out loud

Angry for missing that stupid bus it felt like it had been hours as if space and time stood still frozen in time

For a split second remembering the old folk tellers

Told stories about union springs dark history in the year 1800s there was a massacre in the township of union springs ala

The story goes in 1800s over two hundred thousand-slave ware torched and killed now the souls of the slaves returned to hunt the town of union spring to seek revenge every year about this time strange things begin to happen anyone caught on this stretch of highway fell prey to the slave’s fury

Continuing THE journey home thoughts racing griped in fear trapped with no one to call on FEELING LOST AND ALONE

I could see a deem light further ahead a glimmer of hope

Moving in slow motion voices speaking my name wanting me to blood of kings and queens eyes focused on the

Bodies and rotating flesh lay at his feet’s screams of tortured souls clawing

And moaning fire coming from their fingertips

Why are you here? Need to know frozen in fear

The voice death began to speak

I am the face of past time collator of souls

Sins of man tongues of hate blood of many

By now im flipping out trying to wake up from the teals from the dark side

Stop the ride it is time to get off this rollercoaster feeling sick head spinning this cannot be real

Obsessed with fingering out what was happening here im so scared right now screaming out loud what do you want from me go way leavethis place unholy sprit you cannot be here in a demanding voice ready to put aend to it all petrified wondering if this would be the end of life as we know It

Sick of running it was time to fight backsending whatever this UN godly visitor back to where it came from, Fears turning in to anger Come on show yourselfcome out and show your face

You cannot have union spring Alabama this is our town

Show yourself bring it on Im the hunter and you are the pray!

Standing groundfeeling justified

Like chug lee the fearless fighter

Lines had been crossed nothing or nobody comes in my domain with intent

It is over not afraid you any more show what you got

Lets rock and roll no more running

It’s you are me and im not ready to go yetrealizing what had been said

What just happen heredid I not just pick a fight with a dark force?

Questing my sanity

FeelingFoolish mother always said I was notthe sharps knife in the draw

There was no turning back the challenge already laid out on the table I must be out of my mind are you crazy woman thinking to myselfboy did you put your foot in the mouth

The war began the night air filled with a thick blackmist will never forget that night

Steppedthe most horrible sight ever seen

Blood red eyes the face of a nightmare

Bodies and rotating flesh lay at his feet’s screams of tortured souls clawing

And moaning fire coming from their fingertips

Why are you here? Need to know frozen in fear

The young man began to speak I am the face of past time collator of souls

Sins of man tongues of hate blood of many


Submitted: October 22, 2011

© Copyright 2021 writers art. All rights reserved.

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