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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

breathless talks about how we take things in life for grated .i have had asthma for years.i felt like i had gotten beyond the point of using my asthma med in doing so i almost died .i spent a week in the hospital just released Nov-21-2011.however with my faith in god and the love of my family i pulled through here to talk about my journey in to death.asthma is a silent killer so many people have lost their battle with asthma.u can fight it and win fight. please don't take your life for granted you have so much to live for.something as small as breathing can change in half of a second.just breathe



Silentbreathe stolen in a moment of laughter footstepsfrozen in place knowing that this could be the last breath

FIGHTING TO LIVE air nowhere to be seen bits and pieces of air hard to come by words no more than whisper sounds of life slipping away Oxygen replaced with pollution lungs filled with Black Death Speechless waiting for the kingdoms ofnature to open up releasing. A chokeholdLungs sufferingjust one more breathe taken   asthma holding life hostageair unfound 

  Searching for the keepers of oxygendistances away 

  Fear of talkingUNABLE TOsustaina touch of air asthmavengefuland mean spirited

Takingair for granteddisrespectingnatures naturalkingdomsof oxygen trying to speak out needingto breathesearching  forthat  one burst of  fresh air  fear of stepping  intothe light of no return dough  the  beauty of the crystal light  is  tempingand welcomingthis journey of life  not over yetas I fight to breathe

Lungslosing theabilityto sustainlife trying to overcome this thing called asthma  dying to breathe  like a fish out of water  fins flapping hoping  for a splash of water as do my lungs  god let me breathe  if only for one seconda splash of airwhispers  of  sounds wishingfor a miracle . Lungs collapsingfamily crying wonderingif the last drop of rain has falling

Downon this roseas her use her last drop of oxygenrose peddleswintering, as do her lungs dying to breathe from lake of air. this thing called asthma  leaving these old  Lungs  breathlessas I take  the last breath of airmother nature’skingdom of  oxygen  contaminatedwith pollution killing me softly  black death  living in  the lungs of  this  old  breathless  body. Fighting to live if only for a short whileifI should die tonightgod take care of all that I leave behind  show them the path of  healing let not their heart  sufferas I sleep in  peace in  your house  glory 

If or when I surrender to this thing called asthmaheavenly father wipe away their tears give them the know how to carry on as this thing called asthmaclaims another soul 

 Bodylay silent fighting to breathe. in a world of stillnessI ‘am  a soldier  victory is mine  this thing call asthma  release me in the arms of  life,  and at that moment  my lungs were awaken  to fresh  air  a whole new  lifeif only for one more day . my faith in god gave me the will to fight  my life  aren’t  finish yet  drops of air  filling  my lungs giving  up on life  I’ll never do that  im a survivor asthmais a silent killersometime we takesomething  as  simple  as air for granted

Live your life like its golden

  Tomorrowmakes no promisescherish the air you breathe the life you save just maybe your own



Submitted: November 24, 2011

© Copyright 2021 writers art. All rights reserved.

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Well done, I really liked the way you brought across the idea. ...Thumbs up!

Sat, November 26th, 2011 4:15am


thank you so much

Fri, November 25th, 2011 9:06pm

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