Love is a suicide mission

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my guy friend just broke up with his girlfriend, and is really deppressed, so i wrote this in hopes that this WILL NOTTTTT happen to him. I hope he cheers up. Read and enjoy. and please please coment, i like it when people comment, even if it is negative.

Submitted: July 14, 2009

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Submitted: July 14, 2009



I sat in the chair and looked out the window.I wondered what she was doing at this exact moment.She could be brushing her perfect teeth, or cleaning her clear and perfect face.She could be eating her mom’s home made brownies, or drinking her dad’s bud light.She could be washing her perfectly small and cute body.She could be in the shower, letting little water droplets run down her smooth curves.I could think of a million things that she could be doing.But I would never know.I would never know because she broke up with me exactly 13 days, 4 hours, and 36 minutes ago.I looked down at my watch.Now it was 13 days, 4 hours, and 37 minutes ago. I missed her so much.I can’t call her and find out what she is doing, no, she wouldn’t like that.

The only thing I can do is watch her through my binoculars.She lives right across the street.I sit all day and night with my binoculars and watch her window.Sometimes, if I am lucky, she changes her top in front of the window.Not today though.Today I haven’t seen her, so how can I know what she is doing?How can I know that she is safe? My fingers drum on my leg, I am worried.She never sees me sitting in front of my window watching her, because I keep the blinds closed, only open a crack.Or I go in my parent’s room.She would never think to look in their window.I was starting to freak out.I thought of excuses.Maybe she is sleeping over at a friend’s house.Maybe she went on vacation.My mind disregarded every one.

No, she is in danger, and she needs me.Once I save her, she and I can get back together, me being her savior and everything.I thought of her thin pale waist in my hands once again.I shivered with excitement.I ran into my parents’ room and grabbed the gun that they kept in their bathroom.They didn’t think that I knew about it. I stuck the gun into the inside of my pants, so nobody would notice it.I walked out of the house, and then I started to run.I ran to the school, and all around the small town, checking all the places that she might be.Then, I thought of the one place she might be.When we were dating, she used to take me into the woods all the time.She liked the small stream.She would sleep with me there, listening to the stream.She said she would always come there with friends.I could picture her going to relax at the stream, and somebody unexpectedly coming up behind her and hurting her.Nobody will hurt her.I can’t picture it.Finding her small frail body lying on the ground.I run faster toward the stream.I get there and see what I thought.She is on the ground, obviously being raped by John, who is the school bad boy.She is yelling.She turns and sees me.Her eyes become happy.

“GET OUT OF HERE FREAK!”She yells at me.She isn’t happy to see me. Her voice is bittersweet. bitter because she is mad at me, and sweet because she has the most amazingly sweet voice. She wants john, not me.She never wanted me.She must be moaning, not screaming.I stumble away from them, and hide in a bush. I wait for them for three hours.I finally hear their footsteps leaving together.

“I’m sorry for that guy coming.He is my ex, and he is obsessed with me.”She says.No, you don’t get it.I love you!I love you to much to let you go!
“He looked like he had never seen two people having sex before.”John says, making her laugh.He doesn’t deserve to make her laugh.

“yeah, I went on a date with him because our mom’s our friends, I stayed with him for a while because he had a big dick, and a lot of money that he spent on me.He bought me clothes and food and took me to the movies…” she says, trailing off.She forgot that I got her a job, that I helped her apply for colleges, that it was me who bought her a camera to take pictures of her beautiful self. She forgot to mention that it was me who bought her the cell phone that she holds in her hand, I bought it so we could always talk, and be together all the time.She is lying.She always used to tease me about my size.She is embarrassed to be caught liking me.She doesn’t want anyone to know that she liked me.She is embarrassed of me.I want to cry.I wait until they leave, then I go an sit by her stream.On a rock nearby, it says:

J. J. S.
M. S. L.

2gethr 4evr

There is a heart around it.I remember carving this in the rock with her, on our seven month anniversary.I remember her smiling as I used my pocket knife, her feet in the water.I took my shoes off and dipped my feet in the water.My legs were long, and I could feel the mushy bottom of the stream in between my toes.
I was made for her, and she doesn’t want me anymore.
I look down at my watch, 13 days, 7 hours, and 10 minutes.
I stand up and walk so that I am standing in front of the rock, leaning slightly toward it.

A gun sounds in the distance.A shattering sound; as if shattering the peace that the forest holds.A body falls onto a rock that two kids carved on once.The streams special magic of life goes away.There is no magic left.Just a dead body and an everlasting obsessive love.

A/N i mean my guy friend just got gumped by his girlfriend

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