Has Texting Replaced Writing In Recent Times?

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Just before thirty years, we used to have pen friends and writing letters was part of culture. In the era of mobiles, writing and pens have taken a backseat.

In the good olden days, (just three decades before), branded pens were much sought after as people used them to write long letters to their loved ones; artists (writers) gave vent to their feelings via words in the form of poetry or novels. Those were the times, when pens, books of any genre was valued and had high value. Literature played a considerable part in a country’s life. However, with the passage of time, technology played a major part in reducing the use of pen as well as paper.

For us, who were born in the 70s of this century, to write a letter in proper format and give the perfect equation, we needed the assistance of family elders. But, now, even three-year-olds are sending messages via texting through WhatsApp. However, the text they use does not comply with any of the language grammar standards. In other words, if the person to whom the message is sent, understands the reason/content, the purpose is served.

Very soon, we will be living in a world, where there will no papers and pens. Came the digital revolution, many of the population have turned into internet addicts.

The surprise is the use of paper have diminished, but not the love of readers. But, the number of people who love to read long passages have come down. Some of them are in a hurry and they skip passages and words in order to know only the meaning.

Three decades ago, to know any new information, you have to search for the right book or a Master in the specific field. But now, type the words on google, you will be bombarded with a variety of links. The ‘webzines’ do not go to every link to search, they may, if at all, go to the first three on the top of the page.

Having your website on top of the page for a particular service or product have given rise to new fields such as search engine optimisation etc. In short, we have moved from the era of scarcity in information to that of abundance, but we are still clueless as to how to save the environment that is polluted.

News about important events come in long passages in newspapers and as tweets, snippets in social media. A ten minute of browsing will make you see at least ten-twenty snippets at an average. The excess information confuses us to an extent that we could not determine whether the news can be trusted or it was aired just to get higher likes or TRP.

If there is a new revolution that has changed the concept of business, it is social media. Facebook should be hailed as one of the prime media icons, people started sharing even information that was not considered private. The shared content used to either words or pictures. In microblogging sites, such as twitter, having only 140 characters is a challenge for people to vent their expressions. Limitations trigger creativity, new ways and symbols have been discovered. It needs a clear head to text your expressions in 140 characters and lo! Twitter has grown.

Three decades ago, to write an essay, we were taught to write an introduction, main content and conclusion. Most important points are given in the first passage, as many feel ‘netizens’ do not read beyond the second paragraph.

The last point, at least some trees have been saved, but because of the influx of population, cutting of trees have started in the cities for widening the roads and for welcoming foreign dignitaries.

Submitted: August 12, 2016

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