The Rogue Emperor

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Submitted: August 24, 2016

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Submitted: August 24, 2016



John was a rogue and sadistic emperor. His words were final in his kingdom and many have lost their heads for disobeying his orders. Once on a hunting expedition, he came across a handsome saint who had a calm face and a beautiful black beard.

John was captivated by the beauty of the beard, but since he was sixty years of age, all his hair had become white. But he was an emperor and he thought of having a beard which is black in color. Returning to his castle, he ordered his commander to fetch the oldest witch in the land.

The witch was in no mood to relent. She created a ruckus and ordered the commander and the soldiers to go back.

When the news reached John, he became furious. He ordered his commander to arrest the witch, put her in chains and bring her. 

When the witch was put in chains, and led to John, the commander could not help but notice the wicked grin and devilish smile of the magician.

"You will make my hair black," ordered John "Or you will be burnt at the stakes."

The witch apologized and out of the air, created a jar.

"This jar has the magical portion, Emperor," she answered. "But you have to drink for a week and you can see the results.But the change can come only when I am set free."

"Go, you old hag!" laughed John. "Any mistake and each of your witch sisters will be burnt at the stakes."

John took the portion for a week. His hair was becoming black and he as well his courtiers, soldiers, and family felt happy.

On the seventh day, John was addressing a court proceeding, when suddenly his mustache disappeared and appeared on his queen's face. His black beard was seen on the princess's face and his head hair was seen on his son's face.

The witch had taken her revenge.





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