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Ever wonder what it would be like if you can do things over? And then over? And then over?

Submitted: October 16, 2011

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Submitted: October 16, 2011



Setting:  Around the watercooler of a bustling office.  A man wearing a three-piece suit is standing beside it, idly sipping from a cup.  A smartly dressed woman approaches the watercooler and begins pouring herself a cup.

Woman: Hey Bill.

Bill: Hi Tina.  Looks like we made it through another week, huh?

Tina: (Drinks some of water) Yeah, thank God.  Any plans this weekend?

Bill: Nah, not really.  Just looking forward to some overdue relaxation.

Tina: That sounds great.  Hey, you hear about Ted?

Bill: (Refills cup) Yeah, the poor guy finally makes partner, and then goes home to realize his wife's having an affair.

Tina: (Shakes head) Darn shame. 

Bill: Did you hear what he was ranting about before he left yesterday?

Tina: Not me, personally.  But I was told it was something like "I can change things, I can make them better," something like that.

Bill: I sure hope things work out for him.  (Crushes paper cup) Well, I better get back to work.  Later, Tina.

Tina: Later, Bill. (muttering to self) TGIF.


Bill: Hey Tina.

Tina: Hi Bill. (Fills cup from watercooler)

Bill: Weekend's almost here, huh?

Tina: (Laughing) Couldn't come fast enough.

Bill: (Also laughing) Yeah, that's the truth.

Tina: Did you hear about Ted?

Bill: Yeah, poor guy.  Finally gets that big case settled and goes home to find out his wife was killed in an accident.

Tina: (Sighing) I can't even imagine it.

Bill: Me neither.  Somebody told me he walked out of here yesterday, mumbling something like "I can change it, I can make it better."

Tina: That is so sad.  I hope he's going to be all right.

Bill: Me too.  (Crushes cup) I've got to get back to work.  Have a good one, Tina.

Tina:  You too.  (muttering to self) TGIF.


Bill: (Sipping from cup) Hi Tina.

Tina: (Filling own cup) Hi Bill.

Bill: Thank God it's Friday, huh?

Tina: You said it.  Any plans this weekend?

Bill: No, I don't think so.  Looking forward to some relaxation.

Tina: (Drinks gulp of water) Sounds pretty good to me.  By the way, did you hear about Ted?

Bill: Ted?

Tina: You know, the night janitor.

Bill: You mean the one with that eyepatch?

Tina: (Nodding head) That's the one.  They found him dead in the maintenance closet this morning.

Bill: You're kidding me, right?

Tina:  No.  He hung himself with some kind of extension cord.  What do you think could make a person want to do that to themselves?

Bill: (Crushes cup) Beats me.  Some people just get really overwhelmed by their own problems, I guess.  I've got to get back to work.  See you later, Tina.

Tina: See you later, Bill.  (muttering to self) TGIF.



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