The Gateway (A Confession)

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Interrogation room-Brookeville Police Department, close to 11 pm.....

Submitted: February 25, 2012

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Submitted: February 25, 2012




Do I have to go through it again?

All right, like I said before, I was....

Oh yeah, you're dumb tape recorder.

Can I talk now?

Ok, I know I don't have to say anything, I'm not that stupid, but I'm doing a public service here, you guys should commemerate me, instead of locking me up, you know that?

Anyway, I was out for a walk, I like to go for a lot of walks.  They help me relax, clear my mind, you know, stuff like that.

Well, normally, I walk down Third St, until I reach Main, and then loop around back to Chestnut, where my house is.

One time, though, for a change of pace, I guess, I went down Fourth instead....and that's where I saw it.

At the beginning of Fourth, there's a one way sign, so that part's safe.

But the next block....that's the Gateway.

The Gateway for evil.....don't laugh, I'm telling you the truth, here.

How do I know?

Every time I reached that block, a car would go by, like clockwork......every time.

Watching me, like monitoring me, you know?

And the person inside, I just know he was like a demon, or the Devil himself,  you know?

Did he try to run me down?  No.

It's just the way he drove by, revving his engine, like he had something to prove.

You see, he knew I was on to him.....he knew.

And once I found out, I had to keep going down Fourth, just to make sure I was right, which, of course, I was.

Now, he was a tricky one, let me tell you...thought he could fool me by driving a different car every time, going so far as changing his appearance behind the wheel.  Sometimes he was even a woman, can you believe that?  Amazing what a wig and some makeup could do.  I was impressed, but not fooled.

But I got that bastard, didn't I?

Shot him right between the eyes with my .45, even had a laser sight on it, so I knew where the bullet would go.

When I went over to the car, that's when I was most terrified, shaking, thinking that he was just playing dead.

He was an older man this time, with a beard and glasses.....and he was dead.  I'd done it!!  But there was a problem, you see.  I didn't think he could have kids, so imagine my surprise when I saw what looked like a pre-teen in the back seat, acting scared, pretending that I was the bad one.

Luckily, I'd brought along spare ammo.

Hey, is there a chance of getting that gun back?  It's not exactly mine, you know.

Anyway, that's about it.

Did you say insane?

What's insane, my good sir, is you guys locking me up in here when we should be looking for the next portal, the next gateway, that evil is going to try to go through, I'm telling you, it's out will happen.....and who knows if the next guy will be smart enough to figure it out.

Or lucky enough.

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