You Once Reached Out For Me

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Something for my daughter, hopefully, one day, she'll see it.

Submitted: February 10, 2012

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Submitted: February 10, 2012



You once reached out for me....

When you were an infant, young, scared, uncertain.  You reached out for me.  Your mother came to you first, sweeping you up in her protective arms, cuddling you, trying to calm you down.  I stood behind her, watching, attentive, to see if you were all right.  You saw me, too.  And extended your little arms out, pouted your mouth, and whined...for me.  For me.  Your mother couldn't understand it, she never had a child that favored the dad more.  But she gave you to me, and in that moment, when we were brought together, me holding you much like your mother did, but differently, I felt something, something I can't describe, something precious.  It was a bond, sweetheart, a bond stronger than our faith in God, stronger than any willpower I could ever have.  I think you felt it, too.  Once.  Those times are long ago, now.  You don't remember, can't remember.  But I always will.  I comforted you, but you comforted me more.  You gave me a purpose, a reason for being.  You made me feel importent, and, that blessed of all feeliings, truly loved. 

You once reached out for me.....

And I promise you, I promise.  I will do the same.

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