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It all began with an explosion that rocked the world.

Submitted: August 22, 2016

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Submitted: August 22, 2016



All I remember is this room. Four walls made out of stone. I'm alone. I wasn't on the first day when an explosion shattererd my world. He was nice. Older, mid 30's with receding light brown hair. I woke up to find him across the room from me. His name was Brain Singer. He asks for my name but I can not recall it. It is like my whole memory has been whipped with an eraser.The only things I know is the ourside world is gone. The large wooden door leads death. He tries to coax me out but I wont budge from the corner. Pulling my knees up to my chin, burying my face into my torn blue jeans. The light coming in from the one window is dim. Like there is smoke in the air. I can see it in my minds eye. Choking the sun with its darkness. " its okay, we can go out together" he tells me but i shake my head furiously that i give myself a headache. I am a girl of age 15 -18. It really sucks not knowing your age or who you are. Just the growing sense of fear as he walks to the window. He wears a suit like he was in a meeting, richness flows from him. I ask him what he remembers and he knows nothing but his name and age. The opposite of me and I can't help but feel jealous.  Why does he know who he is and I dont? Why are we here? he gets to the window and smiles. It looks beautiful outside he tells me. Light blue sky with cotton candy clouds . Nothing but emerald green grass as far as the eye can see. He reaches an hand out to me and I look at it dumbly. Come on, he says gentlly. His voice is nice. But fear chokes me and I scream for him to leave me alone. That he is stupid for wanting to go outside.  He flinches away from me.  He looks at me with pity and it only angers me. No matter how beautiful his eyes are, deep brown like chocolate. He takes a step towards the door. I flinch as he grabs the handle and turns it. I will let you know whats on the other side he says. Those are the last words before it came. I dont know how to describe it. It was like darkness personified. He was gone before he could scream. Sucked out the door. Wrapped in midnight hes gone and the door slams. I scream for what feels like an eternity. The whole room shakes like being shaken by a 10.0 earthqauke. Im thrown to the floor with such voilence that I black out... I wake up under the sun or what looks like sun. Than I realize that I am on a table. A gurney. Tired down with all my limbs useless. I try to scream but not a word comes out. Dirty blonde hair covers my face and i try to shake it loos but I cant move. All i see is streaks of gold in front of the light above me. I'm out before a cohernt thought can form....

I awake on the floor with the metalic taste of blood in my mouth and a throbing in the back of my skull. Was a dream? I wonder sitting up wiping blood from my lips. 

April are you okay? I look sharply around to see Brian sitting in the opposite corner of the room. I look at him as if I am seeing a ghost. I.. I thought you were dead. where did you come from? I ask shaprly, more than I attend. What did you call me? April? is that my name? He looks at me with confusion. he scoots closeer to me. Dirtying his dress pants. Yes, he answers slowly. You're my daughter of course I would know your name. Than it all comes back. April Singer, 17 years old. Daughter of Brian and Amber Singer. Mother gone in the explosion that took the whole house down. Dad gone crazy with grief that he kills himself at work. A lawyer. I scream and I scream.

April wake up! April wake up!

I wake up on a table. Strapped down. Im in an asylum. Screaming. Someone is shaking me. Injecting me with something. I let the waves crash over me into oblivion. I Am Alone.

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