Serenity is Dead

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My first attempt at a short fiction story when I was in eighth grade. Not my best work, but the starting point of my fiction career.

Features a young man named Adrian who suffers from Narcissistic Personality Disorder and his retribution after his downfall. Fairly typical stuff...

Submitted: September 09, 2008

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Submitted: September 09, 2008



Serenity is Dead


By: Philip Benais

Section 1:

"Adrian, I am trying to help you. You must understand that your behavior is harming your family, friends and yourself. Your narcissistic personality disorder and fits of rage have damaged your life. Why else would we be here in this situation?"

"I'm here because I'm special and you aren't. When I get mad, I do it because people don't recognize my brilliance. Like that guy at school. You wanna know why I beat him up? He called me stupid. Like he's better! I have an IQ of 195 and no one else does! Not you or any of those other people. Even my mom, who recognizes how perfect I am."

The discussion between Adrian and his psychiatrist, Doctor Randall Peters occured in one of the many sanitized conference rooms hosted in Children's Hospital. The wall had been white washed featuring only two disturbances in the symmetry of white paint. Those disruptions were the recording device and the rather large black television set. The table was painted a metallic gray and the carpet featured a multitude of small rectangular shapes colored with various colors. Adrain himself looked rather scruffy, not having showered the night before or this morning. His chocolate brown hair was frizzed and hanging out in strands that created a chaotic whole. His blue eyes shone with a clarity that frightened most people. It was the sort of clarity that was evident when he became frustrated, which usually ended in violence these days. He had already been incarcerated within the pink room, which housed a particularly hostile individual for any length of time that is deemed necessary. For Adrian, his stay ended after an entire week, were he was held in restraints, yelling and screaming at any soul brave enough to cross his path. He barely ate or drank and reached a melting point with his rage. When the Haldol was first administered after four days, it began to regulate his emotions. He would lie on his side, drooling and being only partially concious of his surroundings, still eating and drinking very little. As it turns out, Adrian was extremely sensitive to psychotropic medicines and therefore had to be switched to Abilify, which calmed him down without being to sedating. He still felt angry however, and was prepared to punch his psychiatrist in the face should he say something that didn't please him. He was in no position to do that though. The staff would surely drag him away before he could seriously hurt Randall.

His clothes did little to represent his emotional state. His casually brown shirt and baggy jeans with holes on the kneecap sections told the world that he really didn't give a damn what clothes he wore, even though he did care. To him, the pinnacle of humanity he viewed himself in should have been wearing quality clothes, not the supposed trash that his dimwitted mother purchased for him. Fortunately she has catered to his wish of buying expensive clothes, regardless of whether or not the currency amount in his household would diminish. His expectations knew no bounds.

"Don't you see Adrian that these demands of yours are fantastic and unachievable? You ask for so much, think so much of yourself, beat up people who question you. Why? Is it really that you are as special as you think, or is it an illness that can be treated? I lean towards the latter," Doctor Peters said in an authoritative yet caring tone.

"You better take that back before I seriously beat you. I'm not scared by you or any of your monkey staff here! I am the new messiah! It is my hand that deals the cards of the universe, no one else! Why? Because I'm like a god!" Adrian shouted at the top of his lungs.

"You have become delusional Adrian. I am asking you to stop this as someone who cares for your well being and the well being of the people around you. Accept treatment, that you might be helped."

"You can take your treatment and shove it doc! Go screw yourself with your treatments motherfucker! It's on now asshole!"

Adrian leaped at his doctor, regardless of the consequences. As he showered his doctor with punches to the face, eventually resulting in a broken nose, the staff dragged him away as he attempted to injure his psychiatrist further.

"Let go of me pigs! I'll have all of you fired! You will all suffer for this!" Adrian yelled, scaring the other patients that observed them dragging him on the floor as he attempted to grab onto something or someone. He dreaded what came next. The staff placed him on the bed in the medicine room. With four staff members bracing him down, they prepared him for the intramuscular injection of Abilify. Adrian may not have been very muscular, but the rage fueled his strength to unfathomable degrees. At this particular moment, he had only seen red as he assaulted his care provider. The rage had engulfed him, and therefore the immidiate response was a tranquilizing shot.

"No no no! Not that! No!" They injected him in his right thigh. He yelped in pain as he attempted to break free.

"You bastards! I'll kill you all! I'll - I'll - oh..."

His nerves began to calm as the injection overpowered him. His limbs became frail as he was supported by a staff, who was leading him into his room. It would be the last time Adrian had attempted violence towards his doctor, and would land him another week in the hospital...

Section 2:

"Mrs. Develkio, do you realize that this problem with your son must be resolved quickly? His state at this point is volatile. You can clearly see that with my nose. I would reccomend that we increase his dosage of Abilify. Currently he takes 15 mg. I would like to see that dose increased to 20 mg. It is rather hasty I know, but we'll hopefully see some sort of change in his aggression."

"No. My precious genius must be preserved well. His brain I mean. And oh, what will become of his perfect physique? No, it won't do! I won't have him be a fat retard! Not my perfect child!"

"Mrs. Develkio, there is no conclusive evidence to state that Abilify causes weight gain or cognitive blunting. It is a new medicine and therefore one that physicians prefer. I would have no reason to lie to you."

"You doctors are all the same. You care more about profit than the child. I don't care about others, but you won't ruin my boy!"

"Please, attempt to understand, Jean. You do not help his condition by doing this. Neglecting treatment is an action that will most likely lead to relapse. Tell me Mrs. Develkio, has Adrian ever hit you or been physical towards you?"

"Yes but that isn't important!"

"Your continued denial of the situation will do harm, not good."

"I'll take him out myself then!"

"You can't. Adrian must stay in this hospital until he is deemed worthy to be released by me and the team of physicians. You have no choice..."

Jean's eyes began to resonate, projecting a hateful aura. This doctor might as well have been a punching bag. She hoped that Adrian might have murdered this man. She saw no fault in her child's actions, being an overly supportive parent throughout the years, eventually leading to the desertion of Adrian's father, who disowned Adrian at the age of thirteen, when his narcissism and rage had started to become major problems. Robert and Jean never agreed on how to raise Adrian and therefore it led to many arguments that usually ended in physical pain on the part of Jean. Yes, I admit that Robert wasn't exactly the ideal parent himself. Instead he was emotionally abusive, calling Adrian out on all his flaws. In the later stages of Adrian's descent into the hospital, Robert was frequently appearing drunk at home and for the first time, he beat Jean and yelled at Adrian, causing him to weep. Robert left of his own volition as Jean simply absorbed the abuse. In the end, it made her bitter towards men of all kinds. She adopted the super parent role, increasing her work at the newspaper as a photographer, leaving Adrian to fend for himself until she returned home at 7 PM to reassure him that he was in fact special and worth of her attention. This mentality did little to stop Adrian from becoming an inhuman monster. When left alone, he would compulsively play video games and neglect his school work, believing himself above the rest, an individual that could miraculously pass his high school equivalency test at a young age and be skyrocketed into a successful college.

Jean knew the truth about her son, about how he was despicable. A disgrace to her, a true meat headed supposedly intellectual hooligan with delusions of grandeur. She knew the implications of her next planned action, yet disregarded the consequences which would come back to haunt her for all of her days...

"Fine. He'll stay the week. If there's no change, we'll keep him here longer. I just want my baby to be better."

"Excellent. The next team meeting is on next Friday. That will be the day that he is released if we see change."

"Could I possibly see him doctor?"

'Yes, of course. I'll be outside waiting."

As Jean proceeded into his room from across the hall, she discretely entered his room, where Adrian had his head in his hands sitting on the edge of his bed. When his mother entered the room, he exposed his eyes, filled with tears, ready to collapse and cry heavily.

" could you do this to me? I was pure. I was robbed of my basic rights and you do nothing to stop it...why?"

"Lean in closer Adrian. I have something private to tell you. I'm sure you'll be very pleased."

When she had beckoned Adrian to come closer and he preformed that very action, she whispered a destructive plan in his ear:

"Just because these doctors say you need such a high dose of Abilify, why not take off 10 mg. once we get out? They can't do anything after that. You'll be free again baby."

"Take off all of it. Right after we get out. All of it." he whispered back.

"After five days that your home, we'll do that."

"No...all of it after we get out of here."

"Sweetie, you know I can't do tha -"

"Why not? I'm the best person around. I'm the most important. Do it all at once!"

"Quiet son, or they'll hear you. Fine, all of it when you get out. After all, what kind of perfect child takes medicine? None that I know of."

"When I become a rich and famous musician, I'll give you a portion of money. Not everything, but a person like you giving birth to such a beautiful genius should be rewarded. Thank you. Now leave, I must prepare myself for the group that's going to start."

"Alright sweetheart. Mommy loves you."

Section 3:

"Hey Rose. How's it hanging around here?"

"Better without you around I must say."

"Oh come on baby. Don't play hard to get with Mr. Handsome Genius..."

"Genius eh? We'll see about that. Who killed President Lincoln?"

"Come on Rose. I don't answer bullshit like that."

"Why? Can you answer it? You're Mr. Brain right?"

"Yeah fine. It was this guy named Smith. Smith Booth or something like that."

"Jesus Christ! It was John Wilkes Booth moron!"

"Baby I -"

"You what? You want to apologize for harassing me like you have this year, or forgive the stupid answer you gave. Which one?"

"Come on baby. Grabbing your hooters was something that we both enjoyed. It got me a little turned on, if you know what I mean...and those other times I did things turned me on too. What do you say we duck into a bathroom here and do the no pants dance? We got 30 minutes before school starts..."

"Ugh! You are so perverted! I wouldn't have sex with you even if you were the last guy on earth. For your information, I already have a boyfriend. He's nice, funny and smart, unlike you. Best of all, he isn't a sex fiend like you!"

"Is everything OK?" Victor asked, walking over to Rose's right side.

"Yeah honey. Adrian's bothering me again."

"Well, greetings first and foremost Adrian. I hear you had a run in with psychiatry? I offer my deepest sympathies."

"Him? Your dating this guy? Holy crap! You must be more desperate than you look, whore! We were meant to be together, not you and this teacher's pet pussy!"

"Come again Adrian?"

"You shut the fuck up right now Victor or I swear to God I will kill you!"

Victor proceeded to walk away, holding Rose's left hand.

"Let us depart before this mess ends in violence. Good day to you Adrian..."

Adrian's rage began to boil inside of him yet again. The familiar adrenaline rush began to overpower him. He decided to abandon his violent tendencies for the moment. He was after all, in school and out of the hospital. He had no intention of going back to the IPU.

He had been suspended during various periods of time for being generally detsructive, both to his fellow students, teachers and school property. The tiles of the various winding hallways at West Seattle High School offered no comfort to him. Inside this place of learning, it only served as tests to Adrian to see how much he could get away with. From harassment to disregarding his duties as a student Adrian was deplorable in this and every other setting that was ruined with his presence. He had been wildly pursuing the possibility of a romantic relationship with Rose, one of the leaders of a social group. She was, by most standards ravishing. Her long blonde hair fell in the most graceful way, revealing a face that could melt the hearts of men everywhere. Her green eyes dazzled in the light in a most radiant fashion and her lips were made even more attractive with the application of red lipstick, serving as a preview to her other features, much like her perfectly shaped nose, chin and head. She was by no means skinny, but she made up for not being thin with her proportionate size. The most enticing parts of any woman were greatly accentuated and formed areas that were both pleasing to the eyes and entrancing to the mind. Adrian had been one of many that had attempted to date Rose, but all attempts were unsuccessful, except for the attempt by Victor, who is a "cowardly worm of an individual, hiding behind a barrier of intelligence and kindness as inside he became the miserable wretched failure that had afflicted his father". That isn't to say that people believed that statement created by Victor himself. Everyone appreciated Victor's genius and compassion, which is what made Rose attracted to him in the first place. They now enjoy each other's company.

Adrian despised Victor, frequently citing him as an idiot and attempting to prove his superiority. On every occasion however, he has failed. Victor has defeated Adrian in trails and tribulations of the intellectual world. Adrian is a sour loser.

Victor and Rose proceeded to their next class, still walking hand in hand.

"God, what is the major malfunction with Adrian?! Why is he so vile?"

"You have to understand Rose, that Adrian is a troubled individual. Rumors circulating through out the school has clearly stated that he is insane. Your interactions with him, specifically his mannerisms, are proof that he is troubled. His perversion and agression know no logical boundaries. He has no sense of right or wrong, because to him the world is his playground. You remember the time when he ditched Mr. Sellers class and began to spary graffitti on the windows? When Mr. Sellers went outside to confront Adrian, he sprayed Mr. Sellers in the eyes with his black spray paint. That was just before he went to Children's. Or the time where he inappropriately spanked Susan, then forced his tongue into her mouth. These are all just examples; proof that he is to be avoided at all costs..."

"Do you know how smart you are Victor?"

"Do not say that. I am an idiot when compared to you."

Adrian observed Rose and Victor proceeding down the hall, projecting pure hatred towards Victor. Not only had he bested Adrian intellectually, but now Rose was his girlfriend. Adrian began to brood over the situation. Rose was forever lost to him, yet in his delusional thought process he assured himself that Rose would be with him. If not willingly, then by force.

This moment of self reflection was interrupted by the sneaky arrival of Adrian's only friend Johnny, who was medium sized in terms of height, bone thin, pale and with greasy slicked back hair, wearing an "I'm with stupid" shirt and black jogging pants. No one had ever seen him wear anything but those clothes. He had a rancid odor, smelling of body odor. His tone and style were stealthy and slimy. He slinked through out the school, talking to no one but Adrian in his high voice, which earned him the title of "creepy smelly faggot."

"Hey Adrian. How is it going with you?"

"Don't ask Johnny..."

"Bad news?"

"Victor...god I would love to beat the shit out of him. He has my girl. MY girl. The girl that I am supposed to have at my side. Really Johnny, it's like the world's blind, stupid and insane. I'm the greatest person walking this Earth and no one recognizes it, not even my selected queen Rose. They should build a statue in my honor and yet it's Victor that gets to kiss her and fondle those perfect breasts. It isn't fair Johnny..."

"You poor devil. You'll get her. I'm sure of it. Hey, I heard you were on a psych unit. Did they give you crazy pills? Are you nuts now?"

"You say one more word on the subject and I'll send you to hell in a handbasket! Are you listening to me, boy?! I am not crazy! It's them! They are crazy man! You know what? Screw this..."

Adrain rushed to his next class, with Johnny following intently, begging for forgiveness.

"Hey Adrian. Look, I'm sorry. I'm not as smart as you, so I say stupid stuff. Sorry?"

"Yeah yeah. Water under the bridge Johnny boy."

"Thank you man. Thank you. Really, just thank you."

"Don't be a kiss-ass Johnny."

"Whatever you say man. Whatever you say..."

Section 4:

"How's my son doing? Happier after one day with no meds?" Jean asked as her son messily devoured his dinner of steak and pasta.

"It feels really good mom. These dirty people can't mess me up with their poison. I'm free! It's all thanks to you."

"I'm glad you like it better baby. How was school?"

"You should have seen Rose. She was like a queen. My queen. But she's with Victor. What a coward. What a pussy. I'm the real man. I take my life by the horns and guide MY destiny. I'll have Rose soon. Trust me..."

"You know Adrian, it takes an idiot to date an idiot."

"Rose isn't smart. I don't want her because of that. I want her as my tool, get whatever I want from her, whenever I want, however I want!"

"That's my boy. Always so headstrong. Just like your father."

"My father? My father?!"

"Oh Adrian, please don't get upset, I was just -"

"Don't you EVER compare me to my father, do you hear me you wretched bitch?! My father is a failure, a stupid drunk. I am going to beat him in everyway in my life!"

"Adrian, it's been two years...he's changed, you've changed. That's why I have arranged a meeting tomorrow at the Seattle Center."

"You've done what?! How dare you! I compliment you for freeing me and this is how you repay me?! You're ridiculous. I will not speak to you for the rest of the night! Now, I'm going to practice my violin. I can't hope to beat Heifetz if I don't practice."

"What about homework son?"

"Fuck homework."

"Son, you have to do it. The school will kick you out if you don't."

"You think I care? What kind of stupid shit is that? I'll avoid it for now. Like I said, fuck homework..."

Adrian stormed into his room, leaving an unfinished portion of food. Jean stared into that food, trying to absorb the fact that she had created a monster. As the creaking of Adrian's horrible violin playing filled the air, Jean longed for the simpler time, when she and Robert were in love, before the anguish had begun.

"Damn it!" Adrian shouted, attempting to play a particularly difficult chord.

"Mom! Get in here now! I want to show you something. This will make me a great musician...well?! Are you coming?!"

"Yes dear, I'll be right there." Jean plainly replied. She thought she had seen the worst, but as life as a way of doing, the worst was yet to come...

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