We Are Strong

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People: When its crashing... stand.

We Are Stong
We are strong,
Who know about you, But I’ve never been wrong.
They crush us, taking away our breath,
Were the ones who wear the boots, but they will put the wreaths
on our graves
So scream and sigh, rant and rave,
but it no one will give a flying fuck when it comes down to the end.
There will not be some savior someone to send.
So look at the angry ones, the sad ones, and the ones who scowl through the pain,
because when the Sister Saint bites the Canadian Bro and the soldiers cuddles with his emo girl again
The world is right again.
The artists will still draw, the strong will still be strong, and the fighters will still fight,
So we may be at the darkest hours of the night,
but everynight has its dawn.

Saintly: Keep on running
Canadian POD: Let her bite you, its good for all our sanity.
Emo Girl: Thank you for finally getting the soldier laid.
Soldier: Can I have that sherman yet?

Submitted: October 13, 2010

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