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the child lives with her mum but the mum has hatred for this young 7 year old child, will they ever make up? or will they go to war?

Submitted: November 24, 2013

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Submitted: November 24, 2013



The Hatred "MaMa"

My Mum hates me!

It's Such a Chilling feel to have a mum with hatred when only being seven years old; but without having to tell me that the loves lost for me shet trys to hide the big hatred i see it in her eyes, pouring out with a evil eye staring at me i see  she wants to just kill me, she never treats me like her own daughter she treats me with slaughter i see the wish of death lying in her eyes; she refuses to buy me any girl would want even some decent clothes, she wont even cook me real food or instead she will give me food which will make me fat and she will force the fat foods down my throat , but worst of all through out the year never mind what month what day what time she kickes me out of my own living house; she gives me enought to stay alive with or i should say what she thinks will keep  me alive but one day i hope to get revenge.

I have shiny,soft blonde hair but my mama never lets me grow it long; when i grow up and start to grow breasts and curves she will shave all my hair off altogether, she had blonde hair like me apart from i think she is jelous of my nice shiny and good conditioned hair unlike her scraggy knotty hair.

My mama, my wretched devillish mama, she will never ever let me reach my potential; singing or dancing is strictly banned in the presents of  my mama, anything that makes me look good or pretty is not allowed says my mama, she dresses me with the worst clothes the most boyish clothes and then she will parade me around the neighbourgh hood.The look that people show is filled with pity and the only way to do this is by bowing my head and absorb the embarressement, and after many years of all this pain i looked at my bald head and smelly clothes i waited for my mum to address herself into my room and i would prepare to show who i really am! my mum then came in forcing me out to play but without fear i had the kitchen knife under my blanket.

I pull the knife to her chest with no time to give her last words i dig the knife through her heart; and then i slash it around her hair leaving the blood dripping on her dead rotten body and as she falls to the floor crashing on the ground her blonde hair mixes with all the blood, i fell releived and myself i have my own rights no ordering, i did not think of my mama after that time of life she was to evaporate and not to retern, i take a piece of her hair to my head to feel how it is to have the long blonde attractive hair.

My father always understood my situations i would be surrounded by and he would always love me no matter what was going on. 2 WEEKS LATER.....

My father helped me remove the body and then he taught me to be the person i really was and to become a real ladie unlike my mama; my hair starts to grow and he lends me money to get the prettiest clothes in town and with my long thin and stringy blonde hair i couldnt wish for a better look.One night my father comes in my room and lies next to me his hand sneaks down my clothes and i can feel him breathing on my neck. he slips his thing in the middle of his legs into the gap of my thies.

He told me 'i always knew you were a pretty girl and now your mum cant protect you'





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