How Dogs Became the Enemy of Cats

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In a world of many Gods, one God creates a greedy creature. One species will rise, so another does not. This short story is a quick explanation of how man's best friends became the most known enemy to our much loved cats.

Submitted: February 24, 2013

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Submitted: February 24, 2013



In the time when many new species had been introduced to Earth, there were many Gods. Each God represented an animal, that they were responsible for developing that creature. One God was a short and lean creature, with a long wavy tail, pointed ears, short multicolored fur, and sharp green eyes. This God is known as Cat, the smartest and greediest of all Gods. Cat worked day and night, shaping and developing a creature much like himself. The Cat species, Cat thought greedily to himself, will rule the whole planet!

When Cat had developed his new species with great satisfaction, he approached another God, with his tail pointed high in the air. This God was shapeless, yet he was still there in front of Cat's glowing eyes. He is simply known as The Great God. No species the other Gods created could live on Earth without his approval. Now Cat stood in front of him, ready for a new species to prosper on the planet.

“Great God.” Cat dipped his head respectfully, and quickly straitened up. “It is time for my creature to enter Earth.” The Great God nodded his broad head, his expressionless gaze locked with Cat's determined eyes.

“Tell me about this creature,” The Great God grumbled. So Cat did. He explained everything there was to know about his creation.

“Sounds like a very unique creature,” The Great God commented when Cat had finished, “but unpredictable.” The Great God paused for a moment, his gaze looking thoughtful. Cat impatiently lashed his tail from side to side. Finally, the Great God spoke,

“The Cat will join the others on Earth. However, if I find one dangerous flaw in this creature, there will be consequences.” Without another word, Cat respectfully dipped his head in understanding and quickly ran off. From the puffy white clouds high in the sky, Cat watched as his new creature prospered on Earth.

“I told you, Cat, your creature is too smart and greedy!” The Great God snarled, facing the shocked Cat.

“What's wrong with that? The Cat species is surviving well!” Cat insisted.

“That, my friend, is the problem. This Cat species is surviving too well. It's disrupting the natural balance we Gods worked so hard on!” Cat, with one last sigh, bowed his head in shame at the Great God's angry words. There was no point in arguing; The Great God was always right.

“Please, Great God. I worked hard on the Cat. Don't ban this species from Earth,” Cat begged, tearing his eyes away from his leader's. The Great God sighed and nodded his head in understanding.

“Very well. The Cat species may remain on Earth.” Cat lifted his head up, his eyes full of relief. “However,” The Great God continued, “there is still a natural balance on Earth that we must think about. A new God, who will be known as Dog, will create a creature that shall be the enemy of the Cat.”

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