Life is a Challenge.

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We all know that life can be a challenge. Just remember that life is a challenge that we must all accept.

Submitted: March 13, 2013

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Submitted: March 13, 2013



As a child, you believe life is great.
You never seem to realize your regretful fate.
You laugh, smile, and have a blast!
Oh why doesn't that good time last?
Within a moment, your world crumbles.
In that moment, your world rumbles.
You now understand, yet you just can't,
Get a grasp on that simple rant.
Is life suppose to be joyful and sweet?
Or is it suppose to stink, like rotten meat?
Nothing is now how it had once seemed.
There is no longer that happiness that once beamed.
You now moan, frown, and always feel down.
Every step you take threatens to take you to the ground.
Life is nothing more than endless pain,
That pours onto us like heavy rain.
Nothing will ever be like it used to be.
Oh why does it have to be me?


But listen to me, my dearest friend.
This pain is just a passing trend.
It can be very hard, I know.
The pain lining up roe by roe.
But we all have those times,
When life feels like a deadly crime.
You are never alone, nor will you ever be.
This will happen to both you and me.
There is a lot of pain and regret,
But you need to never forget.
In the end, it is always worth it,
When you get through the hard times without throwing a fit.
In the end, your reward is great!
You will one day find your true fate.
We will all make it through this; me, you, she, he,
Just another way to say we.
We will all get through these times together.
We will be as relaxed as a flying feather.
Life feels like a challenge, like a cliff we just leapt.
But, my friend, life is a challenge we must accept.

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