The Fantasy Forest

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

A short story I wrote about a young human who's world collides with the magical creatures from the Fantasy Forest.

I stood very still, my bright glowing yellow eyes scanning the dense forest. I stood in a bowing position, my head pushing onto the forest ground. My back hooves ached from holding all the weight of my heavy body. Loose branches poked my body, leaving a sharp and annoying pain.

I heard a soft crunching of leaves.

“Wait,” the voice of a male human called loudly. “I think I see something!” I worriedly pushed my clean bright fur further into the bush I hid in. But, luckily for me, the humans' loud footsteps ran into a different direction, until the footsteps completely faded away into the forest. I quickly straitened my aching body, shaking the thin line of yellow fur along the back of my neck. I moved my head higher into the air, until the bright rays of the sun shined onto my sharp horn. The combination of the yellow rays of the sun and my bright yellow horn seemed to make the whole forest shine. All around me, a cluster of creatures emerged from trees and bushes. Glittery and small human-like creatures flew out of tree trunks. These creatures are usually called fairies. In a small pond beside me, a group of beautiful half fish, half human creatures rose from their hiding place. These creatures are known as mermaids. Finally, a group of large horse-like creatures pushed their way out of dense, leafy bushes. The only difference between these creatures and an ordinary horse was their dazzling bright fur and large, spiral horn that stuck out of their foreheads. Just like me, these creatures were unicorns.

All these creatures went into hiding for the long hunting season. Making burrows deep inside tree trunks, pushes, or even inside a deep cave in a pond, we all managed to hide from the evil humans. For years these magical creatures had hidden their existence, in fear of being mercilessly killed and drove into extinction from the humans.

As all the creatures rose from their hiding spots, I quickly stepped away. I gracefully pranced through the dense forest, using my horn to push the growing green plants out of my way.. I made my way to the edge of the forest near the human burrows. The smell of human was dangerously strong here. Every muscle in my body was aching to run far away from this place, but I stayed where I was. Suddenly, there was a small crunching of leaves. I slowly turned my head towards the footsteps, my muscles tensed and ready to run...or fight. Then I recognized who was approaching me. My whole body relaxed. A small ten year old girl wearing a yellow shirt and blue jeans cautiously glanced around. Her wavy chocolate brown hair flew into the air as her head whipped towards me. Her glowing blue eyes looked up at me, with a look of excitement and a tint of fear.

“SunShadow?” she whispered, staring up into my green eyes. SunShadow. Yes, that was my name. This young girl was the only human who knew my name. This was the only human who even knew I existed.

“It's me, Emily.” I assured her, lowering my nose towards her face. A look of relief flooded into her eyes. She hopped happily to me, lifting up her small hand and delicately started to pet my soft fur.

“Are we going to visit the other creatures? You said I could!” Her excitement seemed to get stronger and stronger with each world. I sighed, my heart dropping to my stomach. Yes, I had made that promise, but I thought the young Emily would have forgotten. It would be far too dangerous for her to visit my home, deeper into the forest. It would be dangerous for Emily, and all the other magical creatures that were not supposed to exist.

“Emily...” I started, only to be interrupted by a loud pouting.

“But you said!” Emily screamed, throwing her hands tiny hands into the air.

“Shh!” I glanced around worriedly, hoping nobody had heard her loud screams.

“Sorry,” Emily said, guiltily lowering her head. “but...” This time I interrupted her.

“I know, I said.” I sighed, and lifted my nose back into the air. I found it hard to brake a promise, especially to this young girl. I moved my body into a bowing position, and moved my head into a signal for Emily to hop on. Emily happily threw her small body onto my back. “Hold on!” I warned, immediately feeling Emily's gentle hands grab onto my neck fur. I lifted my body back up, and stared into the woods in front of me.

This is it, I thought to myself, feeling my heart sink back to my stomach as I made a sudden realization. This is the day the two separate worlds finally collide. I took a deep breath, breathing in all the sweet forest smells. I gently put on hoof in front of the others. Then I began moving in a steady trot. My hooves moved faster and faster, until I was going full speed ahead through the dense forest.

I finally skidded to a halt. As I did so, I heard Emily let out a squeak of surprise. In front of us were many other unicorns, glittery fairies, and beautiful mermaids soaking in the pond. All the activity from these creatures stopped. All eyes were turned unwelcoming towards us, but more directly towards Emily.

“Emily,” I whispered, my eyes darting from each of these creatures that I knew and loved. I took and deep breath. With a more welcoming voice, I said, “Emily, welcome to the Fantasy Forest."

Submitted: November 29, 2013

© Copyright 2020 Writing Warrior. All rights reserved.

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Earl Annandale

You could easily expand on this story. I hope you do.

Fri, November 29th, 2013 9:29pm


Hmm...maybe I will. I'm glad you enjoyed my story!

Fri, November 29th, 2013 2:00pm

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