Good Times, Bad Times (Part 1)

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This is a story about a big family. Well, actually a mother with 6 children. Stephanie gave birth to her first child when she was only 16. She was left pregnant with her youngest child 5 years ago, and she despites her ex husband. How is this big, but poor family funcionating without a father?

Submitted: January 02, 2014

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Submitted: January 02, 2014



Stephanie Jefferson whatched her oldest, 18 year-old daughter Natalie from the audience. It was Natalie's high school graduation. She was so happy, she actually raised a good person. She smiled and waved with her youngest son, Jamie, who was 4 years old.

Natalie was a good student and a beautiful girl. She had a boyfriend, Chris, she was a cheerleader, she had a nice big family... she basically had everything but her father, who left when she was only 13. Stephanie went over to hug her daughter, followed by 5 other children. Peter was 16, he was a good student, actually a nerd. Sarah was a 13 year-old punk, a rebel and a free soul. Jason was 10, a young and playful kid. Karen was 7, she was just a cute little girl who was only 2 when her father left, and of course, there was Jamie, a 4 year-old \"baby\" in the family.

\"Oh, honey, you finally graduated! I can't believe this finally happened\" - Steph said loudly, proud of her daughter.

\"Mom, we have to talk in private...\" - Natalie said looking at her 5 siblings next to her mom.

\"Sure, tell me, what is it?\"

Stephanie could see fear in Natalie's eyes. Natalie finally bursted out: \"Mom, I'm... I'm pregnant.\"

Stephanie was shocked. She never taught her smart and conscious daughtare would end up pregnant like she did in high school.

\"No, honey, you can't be pregnant. I'm too young for a grandma! I'm only 34!\" - Stephanie said, laughing nervously.

\"Mom, it's true. Chris is telling his parents right now. I'm so sorry, I knew you had plans for me to go to college, but this happened, and I...\"

\"Hey, Nat, I've been trough this with your dad. I was even younger. Look, I will help you do this.\"

\"Mom, I taught you'll be mad! Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!\"

\"Oh, I am mad. I can't believe I'm already a grandma!\"

Stephanie was thinking about what just happened. She was shocked, but couldn't hide her joy. She absolutely loved babies and she was excited about this one. She walked in front of the school, trying to find her old car, when she bumped into a man watching trough the school window.

\"Oh my God, I'm sorry...\" - Stephanie stopped talking when she saw the man's face. It was her ex husband Matthew, father of her children.

\"I knew I'll run into you here.\" - Matt said.

\"What the hell are you doing here? Get lost, I don't want her to see you here.\"

\"Steph, you don't know what happened when I left. I won't even bother to explain...\"

Stephanie immidiately stopped him: \"Of course, why would you bother? You LEFT us, that's what happened. How could you think I can raise 6 children by myself?

\"6 children? You got married again?\"

Stephanine taught of lying to him, 1000 lies came trough her head... but she just went with it.

\"You left me pregnant, Matt.\"

He was confused. He never knew he had another child. He only knew he wasn't the bastard that Stephanie taught he was. He took a bullet for his family.

\"I have to go, Matt, I'm begging you to go and never come back...\"

\"I have to see them, Steph, they're everything to me.\"

\"OK, you can come for dinner tonight. But I'm doing this only because you never met Jamie, ok? Then, I don't want to see you. Ever again.\"

\"No, I insist you all come to my place\"

Matt gave her his new adress and left. She noticed he moved to her town. Now he'll want to come back together with her.

Back with Matt, he was in the car, thinking about Jamie. It could be a girl or a boy, he didn't knew. He imagined how his kids look like now. He got into his taughts and felt a lump on the road. His tire went down and he crashed. Fire was all around the car and he was unconscious. Emergency was on the way, and Matt was trapped under his burning car.

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