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A college girl who has an ability to read people’s feelings, however when she gets cut up in love, her abilities place her into a very bad place, causing her to misread her friend feelings and have them killed and ultimately herself.

Submitted: September 13, 2012

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Submitted: September 13, 2012





Beep Beep Beep!  I hear my alarm go off.

Its 5:00 a.m.  Time to run.

I pull off my pink and black covers and slowly get off my lofted bed.


I fall to the floor.

Ugh stupid rug.

I get back up and read my roomate’s feelings.

O good she is still in a good mood. I didn’t wake her.

I  go to the bathroom and get ready to run.

I make my way outside my dorm building and start to run.

As I am running I feel a feeling of coldness and darkness .

Who is feeling this way?

I look around and see there is no one around me.

I keep running.





I come back to my dorm and get ready for classes.

Now it is time for class.

I hope I don’t see Kyle today.

I walk to the north part of campus for my English class.

My heart starts thumping and all of a sudden Kyle comes up to me.

He is defintely in love with me.

Hi! Phoebe, he said.

Hi! Kyle.

So where you headed to?, Kyle said.

To class. Now bye.

I walk away fast hoping to not feel the pain he will feel.

Ugh, I guess that was kind of rude. Hmm maybe  I will give him a chance.

I make it into my English class and sit next to my best friend,  Emma.

Hey Phoebe!


What is wrong?

I just saw Kyle and I was  very rude to him.

Poor Kyle, but you know what you can make it up  by coming to a bonfire with me at Kyle’s place.

Uh, I don’t know, I said.

O come on. You have to have a little fun.

You can bring Tim and apologize to Kyle while having fun.

Hmm.. Ok.

O and don’t worry about wearing anything nice, she said.

Why….?  I asked.

O because we are all going to be naked.

What!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I yell.

The bell rings and I feel the so scared.

My heart starts beating face.

I black out………………


I feel the feelings of sacredness and worried. I look around and  see my brother, Tim, Emma, Kyle,  and my other friend/boyfriend all staring at me with looks of concerns on their faces.

I sit up on my bed and as soon as I do I am bombarded with someone many feelings and voices.

Phoebe are u ok.

Phoebe why did you black out.

Phoebe you don’t have to come now.

Phoebe  sit back and rest.

Ugh!!!!!!!! I can’t take this anymore.

I get out of my bed and walk of the room.






I walk outside and keep walking.

I don’t know where I am going to go. I feel mad, sad, anger, hurt, loved, happy all at once.

Why can’t it just stop?


I turn around and see Kyle coming my way.

What do you want Kyle, just go away.

I love you Phoebe.

I feel his heart racing and the feeling of love go through my body.


I love you Phoebe.

Just go away!!

Come with me to my place.  You can just relax and plus you can get away from the rest of the people.

What do you say?

Gosh, ok fine. Let’s go.


I walk up to the door and automatically I am filled with a feeling of surprise.

He kisses me.

I feel his soft lips on my body. Gosh it feels good.

O you are defintely staying for my campfire/party now.



The next thing I know am putting my clothes back on and it is ready to start the party.

OMG what did I just do?

Hey cutie!!!!!!!!!

Stay the hell away from me!

What did I do?

I thought you enjoyed it.

I can’t take your feelings. Just stay away.

I ran away to the forest.

Ugh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I yell

The wind picks up and the trees are swaying.

I feel a sense of angerness and madness.

 Kill everyone. Go ahead it is the only way to get rid of the feelings and be free from everyone, I hear  from a distance, then I am interrupted my Kyle’s voice.

Phoebe! Come back I didn’t mean to hurt you.

Go the hell away!!!!!!!

You are hurting me!

What do you mean?

YOU ARE HURTING ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I back up to the tree.

GO AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Phoebe what is wrong , he says while getting closer.

Stay away from me!

I push him down and throw a rock at his head.

He is now unconscious.

Now kill him I hear someone says from a distance.

I prop him up and break his neck.

Good girl I hear.

Phoebe! Phoebe! Where are you? I hear, Emma say.

I am down here. Hold on . I will be up in a second.

I take off Kyle’s clothes and hide his clothes in the dirt and take off my clothes but only leave my shirt on.


I walk up from the woods and can already tell Emma has already been drinking.

Omg! What happened to your clothes. Hehehehe

O nothing. Heheheheh!

Did you have sex with Kyle?, she asks.

Heheheh yes I did, I play off trying to act all giddly.

What is your boyfriend, Mark going to say when he sees you like this?, she asks.

O don’t worry, he will get a little bit of it also, if you know what I mean. I say.

But Emma, can you please help me clean up and do my hair again.

Oh sure thing girly. Lets go to the bathroom.



We enter the bathroom and I take my clothes off and get in the tub.

After washing up I get dressed and have Chelsea blowdry my hair.

While she is doing my hair. Hey I want to get in the tub. Hehehe

She is so drunk.

She gets in the tub and acts o giddly.

You did it with Kyle omg omg omg. I can’t believe it omg.

I can’t take her happy giddly drunk self ugh I can’t take her feelings.

I grab the blowdryer and put it in the tub.

It elecruties.

Stupid girl.

Good girl now kill the rest, I hear again from a distance.

Babe! Where are you?  Mark says.

I am up here freshening up. I will come down in a few mintues.

I lock the door to the bathroom and go downstairs.


Hey babe!

Phoebe are you feeling better, Mark says, kind of tispy. I can tell his was drinking before as well.

I am feeling better . Thanks Babe I say as I kiss him on the cheek.

Where is Emma, Kyle, and Tim?

Emma is getting ready for the campfire outstairs. Kyle is getting the campfire ready and Tim hasn’t arrived yet, I say why kissing him.


I pull him into the family room and onto the couch. I start making out with him.

Get off me Phoebe. What are you doing? This is not the time to do this.

I feel his feelings of disgust and hatred feel my body.

You asshole. Why am I even with you.

I go to the kitchen . You think I am disgusting.

What I never said that? It is just  that it is not the right place.

I feel his feelings  of caring feel my body. Ugh I can’t take this.

I grab a knife from the kitchen drawer and stab him 3 times.


I drag his body and put his body in the closet near the front door.

I hear a car pull up to the door.

I walk out and it’s Tim.

Hey bro!

Are you feeling better Phoebe?

Yes I am and I am sorry for acting that way earlier, I say while giving him a hug.

It is ok. So where is everybody? , Tim says.

Well Kyle is out in the woods creating the campfire. Emma is getting refreshened up and Mark is taking a nap upstairs.

Phoebe Iets talk while everybody is getting ready.

Ok I say.

You need to forget about boys for a while and concentrate on yourself. You are too involved with boys and are losing yourself.

I am not too involved and plus I don’t have a boyfriend anymore.

Really! You broke up with Matt? Yes, I did .

Well then in that case. You go girl, he says, a little tispy while giving me  a hug.

I can feel is excite and happiness build up inside of me. Ugh I hate it.

Phoebe, I love you, he says, You are the best best best sister ever.

Ugh his feelings of love and happiness get stronger ugh.

I push him off of me and punch him in the face.

I then grab a pillow and suffocate him until he couldn’t breath.

He wasn’t much of a brother anyways.

Yes! Get job girl. I hear a voice say from a distance.

I turn around but no one is there.

I go to the phone and call everybody to the tell them the party is off.

NO one is coming to this house.

I go to the mirror and examine myself.

I look a mess.

“the feelings  won’t officially go away into you kill yourself, Do it.” I hear someone say into the distance.”

I grab the knife and stab my self in the stomach 2 times.

I fall to the ground and look around me once more.

I see no bodies. I feel pain shoot through my body.

I look down and see  six wholes in my body.

What the hell?

I only stabbed myself two times.

I realize my friends were never here.

I have been hurting myself the whole time.

I close my eyes for the last time.






















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