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Maria had always had a happy life until she was kidnapped. now its time for an escape. Can she make it or will she ever see her friends and family again. ( i'd like to say that i got the idea from the book "Girl Stolen")

Submitted: March 11, 2013

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Submitted: March 11, 2013




I panicked as the darkness in the room swallowed me into a mystifying darkness. The ropes around my wrists and ankles seemed to be getting tighter and tighter every time I struggled to get free. The cloth around my mouth, which smelled of rotten fish and garbage, was starting to make me dizzy. The room was hot and stuffy from the summer heat and my own sweat that was filled with fright. I was tired from struggling, but my eyes were as wide as saucers with fear. That’s when I heard THEM talking. THEY’RE the ones that brought me here, it’s THEIR fault I’m in this situation right now, and what I heard next made my insides churn.

“So what are we gonna do with the girl after we get the money, Boss”, whispered one.

“Get rid of her, get rid of her as soon as possible”, rasped another who I supposed was the ‘Boss’.

My heart started to thud uncontrollable sounding like a stampede of elephants. My mind started to race with thoughts and it was yelling at me repeatedly saying, ‘get out, and get out of there now’! I knew it was right and I should, but could I?

My name is Maria, and this is my story.




My eyes franticly searched for something that could not only cut the rope, and be my protection. Sharp, pointy, big, small anything! Then I saw it, the glass plate they used to feed me with. I inched toward it, stretching my arms as far as they would go and wiggling my fingers to grab the weapon. Reach…..stretch…..wiggle…..AH Ha! I grabbed the plate in both hands and listened. About 5 minutes later I heard footsteps, the door open and close, then silence. I raised the thick glass dish over my head and banged it on the corner of the bed. Nothing. Once again, I raised it high above me and with all my might, I collided it with the corner. There was an ear piercing shattering sound when the plate clashed into a million pieces. I picked up the biggest, sharpest piece I could find, and then I started to cut the rope. I decided to do my feet first, so I could run away incase my plan went wrong. My hands moved back and forth as swift as lighting, but it was hard because they were shacking with nervousness. After a few minutes of rubbing the glass against the rope, it snapped. I ungracefully pulled the ropes away from my throbbing ankles, and just as quick I started to try and cut the ropes that were binding my wrists. I did the same routine until they finally separated. My wrists burned like fire and they swelled the size of Texas!

I walked to the door and listened to see if anyone came back in the house. Luckily there was nothing but dead silence, so I crept to the room’s only window. I looked outside and no one was in the area, so I quietly opened the tiny glass window pane. I breathed in the fresh, clean air, it smelled of my freedom. All I had to do to get that freedom was jump out and run, so I did. I ran, I ran as if my life depended on it, which it did.

When I reached the middle of the woods I started to heave deeply, as the cool night air pierced my lungs. My leg muscles started to ach, but I had to keep moving. I decided to slow down, but kept a good pace. Rustle …. I stopped dead in my tracks and listened. I heard more rustling in the bushes and leaves and then there was talking.

“She’s gotta be hear somes’ where, I don’t b’live she’d gotton far,” I heard a man say in a frustrated tone.

I turned stone still as I felt the blood drain from my face and turned as pale as a ghost. ‘what if they found me,’ I thought, ‘they would treat me even worse than they did before, I know it, and I’ll never get home, at least alive.’ I looked around and found a animal hole big enough to hid me. I hopped in and covered myself with leaves, and in a New York minute they were standing where I was before. They crept closer and closer to my hiding spot. I could feel my heart pounding in my chest. I tried to quiet my breathing the best I could. When I thought I was in the clear, one of them got so close their shoe could touch my nose, and then…….. TO BE CONTINUED

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