Oh-My-Fernando Torres

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Fernando Torres is underrated.But I still love him.Why?Read on.

Submitted: January 07, 2012

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Submitted: January 07, 2012



I'm pretty normal,thank-you very much .I bleed quite red not blue . Reason,why I adore Fernando Torres ?I believe no statement is enough to justify this .I may be a die-hard Cristiano Ronaldo fanatic but  Torres was the one because of whom I started watching football .If I remember clearly,it was sometime late 2007,when I first saw him in the Kop shirt .Talking of Kops,if by bleed red you thought that I support Liverpool I'd like to clarify that I'd rather walk alone .Yeah,so back to the point .That is,El Nino .Yeah,in 2007,his magical skils got me glued to the game .And it's quite stuck with me.


You can hardly find any girl who is genuinely interested in football,and not going on about that hot-and-happening-football-guy .It is Torres' magic that got me sooo into it .The game .


One thing that I've quite noticed about Torres is that he literally throws himself into the game,form or no form .Even with Chelsea,even though he's lost a lot of confidence,he just would NOT give up .And that's the qaulity I best like about the guy .That he's a fighter .It just so adds to his overall personality .I know many people who idolise him .And I know that they've got a reason to do so .He brings a smile to every football fan's face .Such is his aura .Trust me,I have never seen ONE football player as humble as him .No,you puritans,not even Messi or your so-called Messi-ah (duh,personally speaking I find it ridiculous when people compare him to God.I mean he's just NOT that great) .And the fact that he respects his fans,ah,his respect for fans .His celebrations at Liverpool , when he used to run to the Kop's end,kiss the club creston his jersey and pont to the fans,always,always after scoring a goal .Oh,it was all SO epic .Yeah,I do miss those days but no use crying over spilt milk.


So,is there anything wrong with him ?Right now,his lack of confidence .And that is just because he does not get enough palying time .What wories me,is that will his Euro 2012 campaign ever kick-off ? When he was at Liverpool I used to cross my fingers before a match and used to pray that he scores .Nowadays I cross my finger and pray that he's in the playing eleven .Such is the state .


All I can do is really hope that he gets a career revival and chances are highly unlikely that he would after that injury in 2010 that's almost made his career completely fade away .But thankfully , time is on his side as he is only 27 and anyway age is just a number , look at Ryan Giggs , Fillipo Inzaghi and Raul Gonzalez .I hope he recovers .


El Nino is a completely rocking player and he's always been so,he rocks my life and football.My only advice is - Keep Rocking , Nando !

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