Starbucks Never Ending Love Story

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Jerry has always wanted love, and he finally gets it! When he meets Aj in starbucks....
Im not sure what you call "short" but this is what i call it. Thanks! Enojoy! sorry for the miss spelling by the way!!

Submitted: April 02, 2010

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Submitted: April 02, 2010



My name is Jerry and ii know that i need love, everyone does. im 19 years old and i've been on my own for the longest time and i hate it. i was adopted and i never knew what love was or is. but i can feel it coming. Ot maybe thats just my hormones because when i past guys that i like its almost like i imenttly fall in love with them. But then again i dont know what love even is. i live through the fortuen my mom and dad left me with, i was supposed to go t college. instead i took the money and left the fucking so for called \"home\" i had. it was a cold crispe friday morning and Jerry had just left his 30th hotel he's stayed at sonce he left. He couldnt bellive it was 2010 not since New Years. That means hes been on his own for 5 whole years. He never thought thats he'd be along for this long, but he was, it was true. anyways Jerry was walkling to starbucks to get woke up, because the shitty hotel coffe didnt cut it. When he got to starbucks he felt so outcasted. He had on black and red Skinny Jeans and a chain hanging out his left pocket and a shirt that had the Advenged Sevenfold Sign on it. He had a car but liked to walk when it was nice and cool outside. He had on D.Cs and snake bites along with an eye percing. Everyone else had there laptops and Fancy suites on with plan gray ties and had a stupid ear peice in there ear, which made them look like they were talking to them selfes. He had a car, laptop, and phone but he left them in his car back at the hotel. He was thinking if he would've brought his fancy things with him he would fit in a bit better. He ordered a Double Chocolaty Chip Frappuccino, that was his favorate besides the Strawberries & Crème Frappuccino. He sat at a bar stole and looked out the window at the mulityed-cololerd cars zooming by. He started to go off into thought and then heard a click. clack. umph. oh no no no. fuck! IT BURNS!! He turned around to see a guy in a business suit and an guy that looked slighty like him. The buisness guy's cup was empyt but still letting off steam. But them he saw brown spots all over the emo ((thats what he considered him and the other guy that looked like his style)) guy. He grabed a few napkans and start to rud the bottom of his awesome white jeans and light neon green parts. and the buisness man bein oh so rude just awnsed a call on his ear peiec and asked for another drink. \"Are you okay?\" Jerry asked the guy looking up at him to find out the jerry thought this guy was very attractive. the guy just kinda stared at him and started to smile, a smile that jerry was getting. he shook his head \"Oh, uh yea ha thanks.\" He said in a cute and sweet voice. \"Well um do you wanna come and drink some of whatever you have with me?\" Jerry asked nicely getting up and kindly moved his head over to the table. \"Yea sure no where for me to. haha just passing though.\"he replied quickly back to jerry and me and him sat at the table thingy Jerry was sitting at. \"So, whats up? Well whats your name?\" Jerry asked \"Aj, simple haha whats yours?\" he said to jerry in a cute little voice. \"mine Is Jerry. I like your name\" \"i like yours to, very old fasioned, no offense i like old fasion, to certain limits of course.\" \"haha yeah me to.\" \"Ugh im getting all sticky, gross\" \"Well you should go, Get washed upp being sticky is never kool, just gross ha\" \"well thats the problem, im not from around here, im just travling kinda.\" \"Oh where you going to?\" \"where ever my car can go, im going i usally stay somewhere for a little though so im going to stay here for a little bit, i've been doing this for kinda a long time, 4 years haha\" \"Thats kinda what i do, but ive been here for a little bit. I brought to many days for my hotel service, and i dont wanna waste my money.\" \"yea, i hear you, i cant stay at a hotel this time\" He frowned a little. \"spent to much money at hot topic, by to much i mean 600 dollers.\" \"wow! thats nothing really to me, my mom and dad left me so much money its crazy. But you know if you want to you can come room mate up with me, i have two beds and i have the room for another week, and if you stay longer i can buy more days.\" Jerry said smileing the biggest he could smile in his head. \"that would be great! Thank you again, but if its any problem i can just go, like if you have a sister or girlfriend or mom or whatever.\" \"Well no, im a foster child and im kinda gay haha well gay. and i dont think i have any sisters or brothers.\" \"Ohh..okay well same here, i was bi but the girl that started to travel with me and let me go to fast and badly, and i cant trust another girl.\" \"Oh, im sorry.\" \"Its okay. Well hey you wanna go because its getting busier and im done and getting more sticky\" Aj said moving his cup in a circular motion. \"okay well lets go,\" They started to head toward the door. \"you can take your can ill take mine\" \"well i left mine at the hotel so.....\" \"ill take you haha\" \"okay\" Jerry said with a smile Aj started to walk toward a black and green mustang 2010 cobra, it was pretty. He opened my door and Jerry got in, he walked around and got in also, as he started the car a nice vroommm came out and followed by it was the song by Bink 182 called The Rock Show. \"i like this song.\" Jerry said and started to quitely sing along to it. \"Me to i got there whole album. Along with Limp Bizkits, Korns, Linkin Parks, and A few others.\" \"All awesome bands and Albums\" Jerry said notting his head back and forth. They rode down the road and Jerry was telling Aj where to go and this and that. They had fun for the whole 15 minutes. They finally got to the hotel. Jerry got out and started to walk. \"Oh hold on a sec, can you please grab my laptop while i grab my other things?\" \"sure,\" Jerry said bakc them smiled. As jerry grabed what he wanted for Aj he would catch him self looking at him or A j looking at jerry. They got up to the room and Jerry opened the door laughing along with Aj beacause theyy were caring so much things. \"okay well here we are.\" Jerry said looking around seeing an empyt pizza box, an un made bed and a laptop and the charger spread out around the other bed. Jerry frowned. \"Well, i should've cleaned it before you walked in haha sorry.\" Jerry said brushing over the unmade bed, and picking up his laptop, and throwing away allthe trash. \"its okay haha im messy to, dont worry. Well do you have any pants i can borrow intill i was my clothes?\" Aj asked Jerry. \"I have some skiiny Jeand and some shorts, acully something like shorts.' Jerry said pulling out pants that can a little bellow his knees, they were zebra printed and neon green, pink, purple, and yellow. Aj raised his eyebrow. \"They were on sale i brought a lot but they are not all crazy like this.\" Aj walked over to the draws and searched through a few. \"i like these\" Aj said holding up shorts that were just like the others but black with green and red skulls and cross bones on them. \"okay haha, the bathrooms over there.\" \"yea im going to take a shower, i havent in like two days\" \"okay knock yourself out. heres a towel.\" Jerry said handing him a black towel. Aj grabed the towel and headed toward the rest room and then Jerry started to put in a movie but then asked Aj, \"Do you want me to take your clothes down and wash them?\" Aj just looked back and nodded like he had to think about something first. Jerry contined putting in a movie and looked for Ajs clothes, Jerry started to go toward the rest room to ask where Ajs clothes where. But them almost tripped over a bag and looked in it and found his clothes. with the clothes he got up and looked at the mirrior to find that Aj didn't close the door all the way, so he kinda moved his head just to where he could see Ajs Manificent body shape moving around the shower, Aj looked out the shower and wiped his eyes on a towel, because he had got soap in his eyes. He blinked a little clearing his eyes then looked at the mirriro seeing Jerrys Reflection staring at him. Aj blushed crazly. \"OH, OH! My god im sorry Aj!\" Jerry said when he saw that Aj noticed him. After everything was done and Jerry got done and Aj was out of the shower... Which was about six hours later. It was 5 o'clock and they decided to watch a movie. They put in The Hills Have Eyes. \"Im scared, i dont like being alone!..\" Jerry said to Aj. \"its okay!\" Aj said. He got up and went over to Jerry and wraped his arms around him kissing his head and getting under the covers. As much as they wanted they didn't make love. But the next night they did. They lived so happly togeather, loving each other. They travel togeather. Well they were. They finnaly traveled to New York and found the house both of them loved. They had got more gay room mates. But never cheated on each other. Jerry is still getting money out the ass, which is very good. And they had even adopted an 10 year old named Jacoby. They all got family tattoos that had three j's. They even got enough money to buy a starbucks in memory to there love. Aj had got into a small band called Black Blood. They had got very famous and Jerry become the screamer/lead vocualist. the band was great. After they were around 35 and stoped the band there kid Jacoby found out he was just as gay as his \"fathers.\" So he couldnt find love just like Jerry. Jacoby turned the starbucks in to \"Be A Star\" It was still star bucks with wifi, and awesome coffe but bands of any kind could come, and he made it twice as big and gave it in as a small hotel and after 3 years of it like that Jacoby found his love there. When Jerry turned 46 he had a acident with Jacoby in the car, Jacoby broke an arm and an ankel. He could no longer do anything which tore Aj. One day when Jerry and Aj where around 50 years old Aj had a stroke, which put him in to hospital arrest and Jerrys heart broke when that happened. After a year in the hospital Aj got out of the it. almost 10 years later Jerry died and Aj lived with jacoby and his partner Mikey. When Aj was about 82 and a hafe years old ((almost 15 years or so later)) Aj told his son and his sons partner that he wanted to be buried as close to Jerry as he could get and told his son over 30 times that he loved Him And His dad. Jacoby waswnt sure why but when Aj went to sleep that night he never woke up.... Jacoby buried Aj no more then 2 feet away from Jerry. Jacoby and his life long partner also adopted a kid named Kyle, and he was not gay, thankfully. So that he could have kids and his kids could have kids and there kids could have kids and Ajs and Jerrys love/starbucks story would never end...ever.

by Victoria Aquino aka XD

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