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this is a real happened while i was in nyc..enjoy..commentttt..

Submitted: July 18, 2011

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Submitted: July 18, 2011



There was a man who lived on a corner. A corner on a street. A street in my hometown. He always sat there, blankets and everything. He never moved. Through the rain. Through the snow. Through the sunshine. He never moved. Except, that is, when he had his arm outstretched and his palm face up. He did this. As if asking for something from a passerby. Everyday, I walked by and he would have his arm outstretched and his palm face up. On an unusually sunny day, I happened to stop at this man's corner. I looked at him and then dug into my purse for my wallet. I took out a quarter and placed it in the palm of this mans hand. Then he did the wierdest thing. He threw the quarter at me and grunted. Now, everytime I had walked past him he put his arm out and his palm face up. But when anyone else walked by, he didn't budge. At the moment he looked into my eyes with his pleading eyes, it hit me square in the face. He was reaching for the bible I had tucked under my arm. As I put the book into his hands, his eyes began to glow. I watched as the man began to cry. Then I put my hand out and asked him if he'd like to walk to the park so I could read him the bible. He nodded and took my hand. We walked into the sun into the park and read for that afternoon. I came back everyday until, he died one day. I cried at his funeral.

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