Bad Dream

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Submitted: June 18, 2017

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Submitted: June 18, 2017




She cracked the door of his room open and peered in.  Golden light from the hallway shone in a thin stream on the floor.  The little 4 year old whimpered quietly to herself and pushed the door open wider to squeeze in and silently shut it behind her.

As stealthy and deafly as an assassin, she walked to his bed.  She peered at him for a moment before placing her hand on his cheek.  He barely flinched. 

She jutted her bottom lip out slightly.  "Colt?"  her small voice cooed his name.

His blue eyes fluttered open.  "Dena?  What's wrong?"  The 7 year old asked. 

She had been crying, so she sniffled.  "I had a bad dream."  She squeaked, barely audible in her 4 year old speech. 

"Come here."  Colt sighed softly to himself and moved over in his bed.  "What was it about?"  He asked her gently  pulling the warm sheets to Dena's chin. 

"Don't member...."She trailed off and fell asleep in Colt's arms. 




She tip-toed across her yard and into his.  She climbed the tree and slowly opened his window.  She crawled into his room and looked around, making sure that she didn't wake anyone up.  She climbed onto the desk in the room and slipped off it with ease, she'd been sneaking into his room the last 6 years, since she was 4, so she knew the ins and outs of his room. 

She kneeled at his bed and placed her chin on his shoulder.  "Colt?"  She whispered. 

Colt smiled.  "Yeah, Dena.  What's wrong?" 

She sighed.  "I had another bad dream." 

Colt opened his eyes and looked at her.  "Ok, come here."  He pulled his blankets back and welcomed Dena in.  He wrapped his arms around her and stroked her hair until she fell asleep. 




8 years later she pulled the shirt he let her borrow down to cover her butt as she climbed in his bedroom.  She bit her lip and scanned the room, her wavy hair falling into her eyes.  She blew it out of her eyes and saw only him in the room.She sighed and went to the side of his bed and tapped his shoulder.  "Colt?  Colt?"

"Another bad dream?"  He asked, barely opening his eyes.  She nodded.  "What was this one about?"  He reached out and rub her thigh. 

Dena pouted and kneeled in from of him.  "I can't remember, but it was really scary." 

He chuckled quietly and pulled his bed covers down and Dena crawled inside and cuddled in close to him.  Colt rubbed Dena's stomach under the shirt she borrowed.Dena sighed  and cuddled in even closer to Colt.  In a tired daze Colt leaned in and brushed his lips against Dena's neck.  She turned her head and looked at Colt, questioningly.  Colt stared into her eyes for a minute then kissed her.  Dena sighed into his mouth and he deepened the kiss, pushing his hips into Dena.  Dena crawled on top of Colt and he moaned.She started to unbutton the shirt she was wearing, Colt grabbed her hands so he could finish.  He moaned softly when he saw her for the first time, ran his hands across her bare breasts.  Dena sighed and arched her back, which ground her hips more into Colt.  Dena pulled the plaid pajama bottoms Colt was wearing off and tossed them on the floor.  Colt rolled Dena onto her back and kissed her stomach softly, then ran kisses up her body.  He stopped to suck on her breasts, while dipping his finger inside her.  Dena bit her lip, and tried to keep from screaming.  Colt brushed his hands across her cheek, then swiftly entered her. They moaned in unison and Colt started thrusting, still caressing Dena's body.  The moans from their passion echoing off the walls.  Colt came, spilling his seed into Dena, who moments later came.

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